So Revlon SA invited me to a private screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Last week I attended a private screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 3D as a guest of Revlon. One of their faces, actress Emma Stone, is one of the movie’s stars, playing Spider-Man’s girlfriend.

Is a Color Burst lip butter on her lips?
Hey chica, is that a Revlon ColorBurst balm on your lips?

Revlon have also created a limited edition ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electric Chrome’ collection that features, among other things, a selection of bright metallic nail polishes.

(I’m not 100-percent sure when or even if the collection’s being sold in SA, but will let you know when I find out.)
(I’m not 100-percent sure when or even if the collection’s being sold in SA, but will let you know when I find out.)

Revlon went all out for the event, treating guests to a free-flowing champers bar; yummy canapés, mini make-overs and a nail bar.

Up top: Ogilvy’s Jana van der Spuy (who’s a dead ringer for Selma Blaire) getting made up amid nail bar madness. Below:’s Clouds Drummond and I  grinning through clenched teeth while hissing ‘Don’t make us look fat!’. (Thanks for trying, Jana!) 

After you’d received a Spider-Man mani you could walk your nails down a mani cam. (I’d never heard of a mani cam before but apparently it was inspired by one the E! entertainment channel uses to show off celeb manis on the red carpet. The things you miss out on when you choose uncapped internet over Dstv…)


After getting our fill of bubbles, my hot date Jocelyn and I had fun getting up close and personal with Spidey.

This is the last time I take Jocelyn out on the town. Girl doesn't know how to share her toys.
For the record, Joce has always been the ‘possessive psycho’ type. I’m merely defending myself. 

We then each grabbed a Coke Zero and popcorn combo and I immediately doused the latter with so much bloody butter salt that the peeps around me started choking. Yumness!

I'm totally taking one for the team here; using a shot where I look kak 'cos my friends looked worse in the others.
Those 3d glasses are hiding the fact that Clouds and Joce are crying.

Movie-wise, The Amazing Spider-Man was pretty decent but I’m admittedly more of an X-Men/Avengers meisie. Still, there’s a surprise death in the movie that I totally didn’t see coming. That was a bit of a surprise and I’m not going to say anything further in case you plan to watch it yourself.

Anyway, let me get back to you on what’s happening with that Spider Man collection. In the meantime, if you’d like to create your own Spider-Man-inspired mani, Revlon SA’s nail queen, Chi Chi (she of Nails by Chi Chi), has created a tutorial to show you how.

Four steps. Got it?
Four steps. Got it?

Love, love


4 thoughts on “So Revlon SA invited me to a private screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    1. It was a great night, Leigh. Revlon really pushed the boat out. Clearly you’re the winner in extracting the most fun from the evening. Where’d that upside down Spidey come from?!

      1. It was fun, hey? Re the Spidey – I got two super tall boys to help me remove the cut out from the ceiling and hold it upside down for me. That’s spider-style ingenuity at it’s best so I’m still hoping I win the piccie comp ;-P

  1. You girls look fabulous and you and spider man make one hot couple.
    Imagine how gorgeous your kids would be.
    Oh yes the polishes also look super cool 🙂

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