My POND’S Flawless Radiance 7 Day Challenge: Part 2 of 2

So, let’s wrap up the POND’S 7 Day Challenge, shall we?

Day one to four was easy enough and day five was a breeze in that the daily gift was a Vide e Caffe loyalty card and the instruction to CONNECT with your friends.

Coffee on me and POND'S, anyone?
While I haven’t had time to use my card yet, yakking it up with a bestie over a cup of coffee is something I happen to be good at.

Day six presented a bit of an ‘ish’, however, as it asked me to GET CONFIDENT via baking a batch of cupcakes. While POND’S provided me with the baking mix and cute cupcake decorations, I don’t own a baking pan. Thus I had to improvise a little. Er, ‘ta da!’?

I shot this
My cupcake shots came out blurry save for this one, stupidly angled so you don’t see how adorable the little paper cupcake ‘toppers’ are. Sorry!

Day seven, the last day of the challenge, came with this command: FIND YOUR INNER PEACE. The gift revealed an inspiration fridge magnet that I promptly stuck on my fridge along with piccies of my friends.

Can you guess which magnet came from POND'S?
Can you guess which magnet came from POND’S?

This made sense to me as nothing gives me more solace than my gal pals. That and the champers and pasta salad lurking within my fridge.

Anyway, a big dankie to POND’S for such a pretty press pack. To learn more about their Flawless Radiance products, check out the links I included in the post before this one, Part 1, or visit their website over here.

Love, love


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