Ministry of Beauty (MOB) Dramatica nails are now available at selected Clicks stores

Okay so we all know I hate nail art. I’ve been pretty vocal about it so I can’t deny it. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t really enjoy playing with MOB’s Dramatica reusable falsies (price TBA); it was seriously fun.

See? You’d have fun playing with these too.

For those who don’t know, MOB (Ministry of Beauty) is a cosmetics brand specializing in tres dramatic artificial nails, eye liners, body tattoos and lashes that’s now exclusive to Clicks. I’m not sure if all their products will be stocked in store but do know they’re selling the press-on nail kits.

I was given one of them to try and loved that creating a clawtastical Rihanna-style mani was super duper easy. You simply peel off the adhesive tab provided, plak it on your nail, peel off the protective backing and press your falsie onto it. No mess, no fuss, instant jirrrrre Bonita!

Behold, The Claw!
Now all I need is a hot, sexy model boy so I can rake my nails down his back while blaring Disturbia on repeat.

The only downside is that while most of the tabs hold the nails vas, there’s always one little bastard who wants to pop off. So, I’d advise you keep the tabs and a few spare nails in your purse or get jiggy with a few drops of nail glue.

Keen to play dress up to? Pop into one of the bigger Clicks in your area. Chances are they’ll be a stockist.

Love, love


7 thoughts on “Ministry of Beauty (MOB) Dramatica nails are now available at selected Clicks stores

    1. I could totally see my friend Ritza from fashion blog pulling them off. She’d hit up the Woolies on Engen, order up a bag of Steers chips and use the nails to spear them out the bag without blinking an eye. Chick’s got mad fashion balls the size of a donkey’s.

  1. Wouldn’t be so bad to wear them to a night out if you could only clip them much much shorter. (Also not a nailart fan)

  2. These are the greatest nails, would like to order some, can’t find them, had some last year can’t find yet this year!

  3. I would appreciate any information as to where the nails can be purchased. I have been unable to locate them in my area. If you would be so kind and send me. infomation as to where I may purchae them, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

    Pam baron

    1. Hi Pam! As per the post, these were stocked by Clicks. They don’t sell them anymore tho so I don’t think there’s a way for you to get hold of them unless you buy from an overseas site and your google will be as good as mine.

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