My top beauty picks from Freebees PR’s end of year bash

The other day Freebees PR held an end of year bash at the CTICC to show off all the brands they help create press for. Many of them are beauty-focused so I popped in for a squiz and thought I’d show off some of the more interesting things I saw.

First up, I got a sneak peek at Essence’s soon to be launched gel nail kit. As it is, I currently own a SensatioNails kit, complete with UV lamp and alles, so I’m looking forward to comparing the two.

It says you can use the lamp with ‘any’ Essence polish but that the top coat included is gel. Wonder if they gel colours available for purchase too?

I discovered that local skincare brand DermaFIX make their own MT microneedle rollers (0,2mm, 1mm and 1,5mm, prices TBA) to help improve the absorption of your skin care ingredients. I’m not sure what the prices are but will find out and update this soon enough.

How badly do you want your serums to work, darling?

To be honest, I don’t know how I feel one hundred percent about home rolling just yet. There was a time when I was dead keen (the idea is to damage your skin to encourage more collagen to form) but then I decided to rather just do the same thing with a laser. Still, holding it resulted in an inner monologue that ran like this:

‘Hmmm… laser’s sooo freakin’ expensive. Maybe I should just buy my own dermaroller and save a ton of cash. I mean, how hard could it be? Surely there’s some YouTube tutorial I can watch regarding technique? I’d probably have to buy a numbing spray off eBay though. That should make it easy, right? Rolling a whole bunch of spikes into your face? I mean, you could do that, right? God, I’d probably need to get pure alcohol or something to cleanse it properly too. Knowing me, I’ll end up rolling the freakin’ Ebola virus deep into my pores…’

So ja. I’m a leetle conflicted. However, it’s nice to know that should I ever decided I’m ready to roll, I can simply snap up a dermaroller from a DermaFIX stockist.

Now let’s take a look at Tangle Teezer’s new limited edition silver brush, just in time for Christmas:

It comes with it's own pouch says 'Beloved' on the box and couldn't easily be mistaken for a sex toy.
Tangle Teezer ‘Beloved’, R290 from

It comes with its own pouch and the box says ‘Beloved’ so you can’t judge for me first mistaking it for an artfully designed sex toy.

Another slightly 50 Shades-esque looking hair device? This cone-shaped FHI Heat Glamour Curling Cone (R1 850, selected Foschini stores) is awesome.

Yet another ever so slightly 50 Shades-esque looking hair device.
For curls gone wild…

I was worried the little nodule things on it would leave impressions in my super fine hair but it didn’t. In fact, they did a fab job of helping to grip each lock so it didn’t slide of the barrel. It also boasts a  Tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel that produces negative ions to help seal in moisture and reduce frizz.

Next up, I finally got to get a look at Wet n’ Wild cosmetics.

Again, I’m not sure of prices but trust me when I tell you alles is as cheap as chips.

The age old American brand is apparently in selected Clicks stores but I haven’t managed to find one with stock just yet. Nothing was open so I couldn’t tell you what it’s like – could be cool, could be kak – but either way I’m very glad to see yet another ‘nice price’ cosmetics brand on shelves in SA. (I know I’ve ranted about this before but the fact that ‘drugstore’ brands like Revlon and Max Factor are now charging almost the same price as MAC for a mascara is pretty ridiculous.)

I was also given a Davines OI All In One milk (price TBA, selected salons) and have been very, very impressed with it. It’s pretty much a spray-on leave-in conditioner that does an amazing job of detangling while hydrating, taming frizz, adding shine and it offers heat protection too! I love how it doesn’t weigh my hair down in the leave and its musky-patchouli scent, which I found a bit strong at first, has really grown on me.

Davines OI All In One Milk
Davines OI All In One Milk

Afterwards, myself and the other ‘beauties’ all walked out with a hug bag stuffed to the brim with products. Still, of everything in my sakkie, I’ve been most impressed with this boy:

Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 gel
Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 gel, R290 at Skin & Body Renewal salons.

Despite serving up a whopping SPF 50, this gel (not to be confused with the cream) feels fabulously light on your skin. So much so that I can wear it on your face without encouraging le oilies. For this reason alone it’s my new favourite sunblock to wear when I run. The fact that it contains botanical antioxidants too is a just a kifftastical cherry on top.

So, seen anything you think you might like?

Love, love


5 thoughts on “My top beauty picks from Freebees PR’s end of year bash

  1. I absolutely LOVE Wet & Wild makeup – We have it at the Gateway Clicks in Durban – but the stock seems to FLY off the shelf.
    Just so You know that Essence Gel @ Home has already been launched… It’s been out for about a month or so here in Durban, I bought it the other week and adore it!
    I think I would have pretty much the exact same conversation with myself about that micro-needle roller, although I would love to try one!

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