Celebrating World Kiehl’s Day New York City style in Cape Town

So it was World Kiehl’s Day the other day (yep, the brand has its own day) and, as part of the celebrations, those working for Kiehl’s SA along with a bunch of beauty eds, celebs and Harley Davidson peeps participated in a Kiehl’s Life Ride.

Essentially, this was a two-day motorbike ride from Cape Town to Barrydale in the Karoo with a few pit stops along the way to do charity work like packing meals for underprivileged communities in the Cape.

I nicked this piccie from my frend Liezel's blog, 9lives.co.za. It's a goodie, go check it out.
I nicked this piccie from my friend Liezel’s blog, 9lives.co.za. It’s a goodie, go check it out.

(Aaargh, I hate how some days WordPress lets me link in captions and not in others. You’ll find Liezel’s blog over here.)

I was actually going to take part in this but had some personal life dramz pop up at the last minute and had to pull out, leaving me to ‘watch’ the event via Twitter while riddled with FOMO. (That’s Fear of Missing Out for those of you not down with the kids.)

Anyway, on the upside, I was able to attend the World Kiehl’s Day partytjie thrown at Truth Coffee in Buitenkant street. The place was packed, the bar overflowed with specially created Kiehl’s cocktails and NYC-style treats like hotdogs, popcorn and corndogs were served up all night long. (The brand hails from New York, just so you know.)

You have no idea how much treadmill time this party cost me. (Was totally worth it though.)

The entertainment was fab too; a living statue that played the sax, guys performing parkour (again, to help you out if you’re not ‘down’, this is when city kids run and jump over stuff around them, using their surroundings like an urban obstacle course) and local mentalist Larry Soffer.

Go Larry, go!
Go Larry, go!

If you haven’t seen Larry in action you have to make a plan. Dude’s really good and does freaky stuff like bending a coin with his mind and what not. This time, I got to see a new trick of his; swallowing a seriously long balloon in one fluid gulp. (He says he converts it to a balloon animal in his stomach and pops it out the next day as Winnie the Pooh. Ha!)

Celeb-wise, I ran into Roxy Louw at the bar and she told me she’s a huge fan of Kiehl’s and that her favourite product is their bestselling Midnight Recovery Concentrate serum (R585), a blend of essential oils that promises to help repair and replenish your skin overnight.

The serum’s the little blue dropper bottle on the left.

Anyway, if you’re a Kiehl’s fan, know that you’re loving a brand that’s run by a hardworking, fun-loving crowd that are all crazy passionate; about the products they sell as well as all the good work their brand does behind the scenes to help make the world a  better place.

Thanks Kiehl’s for a super fun night out, you guys sure know how to party.

Love, love


Kiehl’s is stocked by selected Edgars stores country wide but you can also get hold of their goodies via Edgar’s Fashion Hotline (0860 692 274) who’ll deliver whatever you want to a store of your choice for free! For more information on Kiehl’s visit their international website. To find out what they’re up to locally, check out their SA Facebook page.

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