Monkey Shoulder whisky launches at The House of Machines in Cape Town

Heard of Monkey Shoulder yet? For those out the loop, it’s a blended malt Scotch whisky with a creamy brown sugar, toffee and vanilla taste that’s balanced by oak and a hint of spice. As for its super cute name, it’s a tribute to the workers who used to turn the malt by hand. As a result, they suffered a temporary shoulder injury referred to as ‘Monkey Shoulder’.

Monkey Shoulder whisky
Monkey Shoulder blended malt Scotch whisky, R299 with free delivery at

To celebrate it’s arrival in sunny South Africa, Butter Knife PR threw a li’l bash at The House of Machines, a hot n’ hipstery new coffee spot in town.

House of Machines
Yep, that’s a chica on the decks.

Upon arrival, guests were treated to a veritable river of Monkey Shoulder cocktails created by award-winning mixologist Nick Koumbarakis. Nick’s stuff is always crazily creative and tastes killer good which is why I probably had a few too many Monkey See Monkey Do’s.

Going clockwise
Going clockwise you’ve got myself and my old work buddy Mark (we used to work together at Jupiter Drawing Room on the Woolworths’ account); Butter Knife PR girls Marisa and Leandi and, below on the right, my bestie Karisa and her (very) hot date, local model boytjie Chad.

If you look closely at the piccie of Karisa and Chad you’ll see she’s holding a tin mug which is what the Monkey See Monkey Do, a punch-style cocktail, was served in. Officially, it’s a mix of Monkey Shoulder whisky, lemon juice, citrus sherbet and jasmine tea but Mark and I decided it tasted exactly like naartjie-flavoured Game. This is probably the last thing Nick want’s to hear but damn it tasted good and went down the hatch like cooldrink. A very dangerous/delish little dop.

Later, as a dessert drink, tray upon tray of Hear No Evil See No Evil did the rounds; a blend of Monkey Shoulder and Evil Twin single origin coffee (available from House of Machines) ‘with an absinthe rinsed balloon’. It was served with a scooped out banana and, taste-wise, it reminded me of a whisky don pedro. Yum!

1-Recently Updated20
See those nugget things up top? I still have no clue as to what was in them. Turkey? Duck? Beef? None of us could figure it out but we polished them off regardless ‘cos, hey, tasty’s mos tasty. Those mini burgers, however, were The Shizzle’s Freakin’ Nizzle along with the super sticky pork belly Marisa’s holding in the shot before this one.

As the night wore on, our table got progressively ‘merry’ and Mark decided to start filling my handsak on the sly with a zillion discarded peanut shells. Clearly all the Hear No Evil See No Evils I’d knocked back earlier had lived up to their namesake as I was completely oblivious to what was going on. Unhappily for Mark, I’m a vengeful cow and am quite sure I still have snaps of him living it up in a very pretty dress at a particularly wild agency party back in the day…

But ja, a big thanks Butter Knife PR for having us, this was seriously good fun.

Love, love,


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