VIP Sky Bar at the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa celebrates the launch of their summer season in style

Ever been to the VIP Sky Bar at the top of the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa? The service is slick, as is the crowd, and the view might just be one of the best in Cape Town.

Yep, that's the view from the top, darlings.
Yep, that’s the view from the top, darlings.

I was invited to attend the summer launch last week and boy was I glad I went; the champagne was flowing like a river and they had literal buckets of oysters stationed all over the room.

Day. Made.
Day. Made.

Oyster-riddled events always make day (or night) ‘cos this is where having zero skaam comes in super handy. You see, as oysters aren’t the easiest thing to eat while maintaining your Cape Town cool, most of the flash pack tend to merely pick out one or two. Me, however? God, I’m only too happy to station myself like a horse at a trough and down those babies like no tomorrow.

Guests out and about included the usual Cape Town party circuit crew but my only non-blurry shots feature One Stiletto At a Time’s Abby Buchanan and blogger bestie Karisa…

Cheers girls!
Cheers girls!

…plus my beloved flatmates, Kim and Ligstuk where there too as both of them have worked at the Cape Royale at some point.

This one’s for the fridge guys!

It was so nice to partyjie with them outside of our flat at a place where we didn’t have to worry about waking up to death threat Post-it’s from pesky neighbours who simply don’t appreciate a good acapella version of a Miley Cyrus song at 3AM.

Oooh! And let’s not forget about super sexy Chad.

Trust me when I tell you you can grate cheese on this boy's abs.
Trust me when I tell you you can grate cheese on this boy’s abs.

Karisa and I picked him up at the oyster bowl and I’ve decided to crown him my Glossy Hottie of the Month. He told us he works in sanitation (‘I come in with a real big hose and spray it all over everything’, he said. Oh my!) but we’re not sure if he was making that up or not. What we know for sure, however, via a quick online stalking session is that he’s a part time model and you can spice up a ‘blah’ Tuesday by checking out his porti over here. It includes a few semi-naked muscley piccies (you’re welcome!) which I can’t post here for fear of copyright infringement.

After I’d wiped out all the oysters, Karisa and I made our way home and ran into a group of dudes in the lift who were all wearing matching convention tags and we had a convo that ran like this.

Bravado man: We’re all here for Ferrari.
Me: Oh wow. You know we’re now assuming you all have teeny tiny penises, right?
Bravado man: <stony faced silence>
The lift: <moving super slowly and stopping on every floor>
Bravado man: <more stony faced silence>
Karisa: Awwwwkward! Errrrmiiigooood, this is soooo awkward!

Anyway, lift awkies aside, this was a super fun night out and I’ll most definitely be visiting the VIP Sky Bar again soon. A big thank you to Red Carpet Concepts PR who put the bash together, I had a super fun time.

To find out what’s going down at VIP Sky Bar this summer, visit their Facebook page over here. Upcoming events include live roof top performances and a fab sushi special; R100 for a 20 piece platter.

Love, love


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