GRAZIA and GAP host a summer styling session at the Cavendish store in Cape Town

Last week, GRAZIA magazine threw a little partytjie in GAP’s fab, new-ish stand alone store next to Stuttafords in Cavendish. Myself and few other media peeps got to sip on rose’ that tasted like candyfloss while browsing the new summer fashion that had just arrived in store.

Yes, I'm aware there's a price tag hanging off my pants in this shot. More on that later.
Yes, I’m aware there’s a price tag hanging off my pants in this shot. More on that later.

Later, GRAZIA’S ed and fashion ed, Danielle Weakley and Kirsty Stoltz, talked us through some of the big summer trends which, for the most part, is all about denim, denim, denim and that’s good news for GAP as they have lots of it, from flirty dresses and shorts to stylish shirts and jackets.

I have a cream and neon yellow summer scarf that’s just dying for a play date with that washed out denim dress.

I was also glad to see printed pants in store. I used to be super boring when it came to bottoms and always stuck to a ‘solid’ hue but, having spent winter running around in the uber-funness that is printed leggings, I’ve come to realise just how versatile a bont pair of bottoms can be.

I'd totallly pair that
That pair on the left would look awesome with a colourful tee and a denim shirt. Or anything really.

I also fell in love with these boys:

Lemon yellow pumps? Yes please!
Super cute lemon yellow pumps? Yes please!

The fashion chat included a talk with international brand manager, Catherin Rhoades, who told us we’d all be going home with a pair of GAP jeans and I resisted the urge to jump up and down and squeal, but only ‘cos I was standing next to seasoned fashion blogger Robyn Cooke from Style Guide Cape Town and wanted to maintain some semblance of cool.

Initially, I thought I’d pick up a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans similar to what GRAZIA ed Danielle Weakley and Catherine were wearing (they’re the pair of denims you want in your closet right now) but I ended up being seduced by a gorgeous pair of super dark leg-slimming skinnies.

Do we like?
Do we like?

I loved my jeans so much I refused to take them off and wore them out the shop. If you’re interested, the style’s ‘Always Skinny’ in a rinse called ‘2S’ from GAP’s classic 1969 collection and going for R699,95 a pop.

As a trade off for my new denims, I’ve agreed to pose it up in them for a few piccies for, GAP’s online fashion look book powered by bloggery folk like me, and stick the shots on my own blog too, so you’ll be seeing more of me and my skinnies before the month is out. The piccies are supposed to show off my jeans from all angles and be set in my ‘natural environment’ so I’m assuming this shot of me getting my ass scanned at the till is exactly what GAP’s looking for.

Dankie, dankie!
Just kidding Catherine, promise!

Anyway, if you spotted anything you simply have to get your mitts on in my piccies, head on over to GAP. Everything pictured in this post was taken just a few days ago so everything should still be in store.

A big thank you to GRAZIA, GAP and Derik van Wyk, the PR who helped put the bash together, I absolutely adore my new jeans.

Love, love


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