Nederburg Winemasters Reserve and The Dead Girl Next Door: A tale of vino, twerking and terror

So Nederberg was kind enough to send me a bottle of their Winemasters Reserve Cab Sav (a 2011, nogal) as a li’l something to sip to while watching the final of MasterChef.

For me? Ag dankie Nederberg!
For me? Ag dankie Nederberg!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch that as I had to hit up a launch in Jozi but I did see a rerun the next day and was thrilled Kamini won if only so I can say obnoxious things like ‘So did you see my friend Kamini won that cooking show? I know her. That chick and I have like totally DMed on twitter so she’s pretty much my conjoined twin. She’ll probably bak the koek at my wedding, yo.’

But ja. While I didn’t get to enjoy a Nederberg vino and TV pairing, I did take the bottle along to a little dinner at my friend Tat’s house. Girl put out a seriously delish spread that included grilled salmon and the best damn potato bake I’ve had in ages. Karisa, who’d joined us, was so impressed with it she even asked for the recipe and this is A Very Big Deal. Seriously. I mean, I’ve known this girl for ten years and have never seen her eat anything at home that wasn’t a Woolies micro meal.

Potato bake
Mmm… potato bake…

Oh! And I did I mentioned that Gavin Rajah gave me a gold macaroon-bedazzled cake? (Okay, okay, only sort of. I got it as part of a very spoilicious goodie bag the Gavin Rajah for Legit launch. He’s teamed up with the chain store to create a glam yet affordable line of evening wear, in stores come November.) But ja. It’s a cake. From Gavin Rajah.

Oh this ole' thing? It's just a cake that Gavin gave, darlings. Gavin Rajah. He Kamini and I are all BFFs for life yo.
This ole’ thing? It’s just a li’l cake that dear old Gavs gave me.

Anyway, if anything, I was glad to be able to contribute the wine ‘cos it went down like a bomb. Everyone agreed it was smooth, juicy and very easy to drink with yummy notes of berry, spice and oak.

See how Tat puts paper labels next to her cheese? That's going the extra mile, darlings.
See how Tat puts paper labels next to her cheese? That’s going the extra mile, darlings.

After dinner we got chatting and this new movie, The Conjuring, came up. Everyone’s gaaning aan about overseas, saying it’s the scariest horror flick to hit the screen in years and it’s gotten a crazy good score, like 83% or something, on Rotten Tomatoes. Impressive ‘cos critics usually shred horror flicks to bits. So OBVIOUSLY we all gathered round to watch the trailer on YouTube and yes, it does look super scary.

This then lead to Karisa hauling out the ole’ ‘So this one time, I woke up and my little sister was sitting up poker straight in bed, talking to the dead girl who lives next door’ story. This pretty much scared the shizzle out of everyone, including Tatum refused to sleep at home, so the whole dinner party ended up trouping back to my place.

Thus, the rest of the evening was a blur of Miley Cyrus being blared on repeat (loud enough for our neighbours to call security. Oops!), amateur twerking and… well… I honestly don’t know what’s going on in this picture:

Sexiest domestic everrr.
Sexiest domestic everrr.

All I know is that I ended up ‘sleeping’ like this…


…and don’t know if it’s because I was terrified of the dead girl next door (which, I think, makes for a pretty good horror flick title) or, possibly have PTSD from watching my guy flatmate drunkdance in our lounge.

Thanks Nederburg, this was a fun/terrifying night in.

Love, love


11 thoughts on “Nederburg Winemasters Reserve and The Dead Girl Next Door: A tale of vino, twerking and terror

  1. I dunno what was scarier… watching that trailer again (this time mostly with my eyes closed cause I knew what was coming at the end there) OR the twerking. 😉

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