The Body Shop finally launches its sweet new Honeymania collection

The Body Shop’s new Honeymania collection has finally hit the shelves. To celebrate, myself and a bunch of ‘beauties’ were invited to a delish high tea at The 12 Apostles hotel with the store’s PR team who’d all dressed up in their finest honey bee-inspired black and yellow.

Sweet like honey
Sweet like honey

Before the launch, I’d been lucky enough to have been given a body butter and shower gel and have fallen crazy in love with it. So much so that I’m currently hiding the shower gel in my room, away from my flatmate who I love to bits, but not that much.

I like that, while you can definitely pick up the honey in its scent, it’s not overwhelming or sickeningly sweet. The fragrance is more of a soft, pretty floral with just a hint of honey blossom and honey. Also, the actual honey used in the products, which are more hydrating than The Body Shop’s other collections, is sustainably sourced from the Ethiopian rain forest where it’s produced and traded fairly.

Line-up wise, you’re looking at your typical The Body Shop body butter, shower gel, lip balm and body scrub. Then there’s a cutesy li’l soap that’s embossed with a honeycomb and bee design a ‘bubble bath melt’. The latter hasn’t arrived in SA just yet (gotta love customs) but it’s on its way and I’m dying to try it. Apparently it looks just like honey but you’re to drizzle it into the bath to create a mountain of bubbles.

Sweet like honey
On the RHS up top is the super creamy body scrub and the shower gel is pictured below.

Of all the Honeymania goodies I’ve used, I’m most taken with the body butter as it’s the easiest way to get the scent all over my skin in a way that really lasts but I don’t really need such heavy hydration. So, if The Body Shop ever creates a Honeymania body lotion I’ll be in honey 7th heaven.

Anyway, next time you pass The Body Shop, be sure to make a bee line* for the new Honeymania collection which should be in stores within the next week or so.

Love, love


*I know, I know! I couldn’t resist. Just smack me in the face with a brick already.

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