Dove’s new Real Beauty campaign is fabulous

Earlier today I got to attend a little media brekkie hosted by Dove South Africa at Mana Epicure in Kloof Street. Over fruit skewers, parma ham croissants and one seriously delish cappuccino, myself and the other ‘beauties’ got to learn about the brand’s new Real Beauty ad campaign.

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of campaigns that harp on about embracing your ‘uniqueness’ or making peace with your flaws as, for the most part, they come across as seriously hokey; rife with contrived images like a field full of washed out horses and one ‘zany zebra’. Errrmigod! Or worse yet, a ‘flawed’ model who, aside from a now trendy gap toothed smile, is still conventionally gorgeous.

Dove’s ads, however, are different in that they feature real real women and raise an interesting conversation without a side order of cheese. Like this one…

…and this one:

After being shown the ads, Jozi-based life coach Jacqui O’Bree (who’s also a rad PE expat soos ek) captivated the room by illustrating how many women’s poor self-perception has to do with the fact that they seem to focus more on their negatives than they do their positives. And in order to fix that, you need to learn to shift your attention.

To illustrate her point, she asked everyone to find something red in the room. Afterwards, we had to close our eyes and think of something we’d seen that was blue. While a blue pencil had been sitting in front of me the entire time, I couldn’t for the life of me think of one blue thing around me. Everything was red and I had to open my eyes again and have a look before I spotted the pencil. In a nutshell, we only see what we look for.

Jaaa Jax, I told you I could edit this (previously) dark, crappy cell phone snap in its moer. My Picasa lighting skills are beyond ;-P

Anyway, here’s wishing you all a fabulous weekend and that whatever colour you’re looking for is one that brings out your eyes; they’re probably a lot prettier than you think.

Love, love


P.S. I tried Dove’s new Colour hair care line earlier this week and it’s very, very nice. I’ve written about it in a blog post for YOU magazine’s website and once it goes live I’ll be sure to share the link. For the record though, the best Dove item I’ve used to date is still their Damage Therapy Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner.

Love this
Love you DTIRDTC (even though you have the stupidest, most ridiculously long name on the shelf).

The amount of free shampoo I’m sent as a beauty blogger is borderline disgusting but I still use my own money to buy it. If you spot it on the shelves, don’t hesitate to snap it up. In four words; it is The Shizz.

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2 thoughts on “Dove’s new Real Beauty campaign is fabulous

  1. Thanks for the blog post!!! I am just loving what Dove stands for!!! Real women real beauty! I will continue to support them and buy their products because they show us and teach us that all women are beautiful 🙂

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