A peek inside Glamour/GQ’s MBCTFW after party

So Cape Town fashion has week finally came to a close, finishing up with the Fabiani show which, I’m told, was all kinds of fabulous. To celebrate the end, Glamour and GQ teamed up with designer Craig Port to throw a bash at The Table Bay hotel.

Guests got treated to an open bar that served up an array of cocktails made with SKYY vodka and snacked on tres delish mini hamburgers. You could also get your make-up touched up thanks to Maybelline’s mobile make-up artists.

The cranberry and OJ mix (up top) was particularly good.

Glam folk spotted in the crowd included designer Christiaan du Toit (he of Kluk CGDT awesomeness), my fashion blogger bestie Clouds Drummond of AndLollipops, Glamour fashion ed Bronwyn Day (rocking a zexy printed crop top and a set of killer abs) and GQ’s grooming ed Piet Smedy who was smiling through the pain of a freshly inked tattoo. Still, whilst his new tat (a quote from Peter Pan) might have hurt on the night, Piet says getting it done was a piece of cake, so much so that he even fell asleep.

Myself and Christiaan; Bron and Clouds and Piet ‘Hardcore’ Smedy, the Bear Grylls of Cape Town’s fashion elite.

For the record, Bron said that, out of all the shows, she most enjoyed Loin Cloth & Ashes and Adriaan Kuiters. While I found the latter designer’s clothes a little too ‘boxy’-looking, I’m with her on loving L&A; Anisa, the designer, clearly knows how to flatter the female form.

Loin Cloth & Ashes on the left and Adriaan Kuiters on the right. (Is it just me or is AK’s model wearing hotel spa slippers?)

Anyway, as the week had been a long one, I spent most of my time sitting on my ass catching up with socialista Thandie Kupe.

How hot are her gloves? She said they’re from Club Monaco, a luxe American chain store.

On the topic of mooi dinges, guests were treated to a goodie bag that contained a mix of fashion accessories, Maybelline cosmetics including the brand’s new Volum’ Express The Rocket mascara and a pair of super cute sunnies from a brand called Berlin, available from YDE.

'Cos only the coolest peeps wear their sunnies at night.
‘Cos only the coolest peeps wear their sunnies at night.

Thanks Glamour/GQ for a fun night out.

Love, love


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3 thoughts on “A peek inside Glamour/GQ’s MBCTFW after party

  1. Dear Leigh

    I know I’ve said this before, but I want to say it again (because I’m like an annoying stuck record sometimes)…

    I really really like your face,

    That is all.


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