Review: FINO Soothe After Care Balm for waxing and shaving

Spotted FINO Soothe on the shelf yet?

FINO Soothe; for girls and boys mos.
FINO Soothe; for girls and boys mos.

Essentially, it’s a mix of fruit enzymes and a form of vitamin A to help soothe your skin post-hair removal. Thanks to the fruit enzymes (pineapple specifically), it aims to gently exfoliate your skin, keeping skin from growing over your hair follicles which effectively blocks them and causes ingrown. It also says it ‘soothes’ but I can’t find any soothing-specific ingredients in the mix; things like aloe vera or Calendula. Regardless, it does make your skin feel ‘comfortable’ thanks to it’s nice, light, balmy texture. It’s also free of typical irritants like fragrance.

I was given two tubes; one for men and another for woman but soon realised the formulas were identical so if you’d like to snap up either or and share it with your man there’s nothing stopping you. Still, because I’m a nice girl who shares her toys, I handed the ‘male’ tube to one of my most beloved guy besties and he was pretty impressed:

Yes, that's me; 'whorebag'...
Yes, that’s me; ‘whorebag’…

As for me, I put it to the test by creating two types of irritation along my bikini line so don’t say I don’t take one for the team, okay? Also, it’s round about now that anyone who doesn’t feel like reading about my bikini line in-depth (plus any cute boys who stalk me via my blog) should click away; I’m might want to look away as I’m going to spend a good paragraph babbling on about it.

So! To begin my little experiment I whipped out my epilator and ripped out a large section of my hair by the root. Fun! This always causes bright red skin for at least 24 hours so I slapped on a bit of FINO Soothe. It definitely helped to calm things down but not as much as other products I’ve used in the past.

I then used a razor in another area and this is something my skin, specifically in my bikini area, absolutely DESPISES which is why I pretty much never, ever use it. (For the record, I’m a Veet girl.) While using a razor effectively leaves me smooth and hairless with zero irritation initially, I can fully expect an angry, red and bumpy patch of skin the moment that hair starts growing out. But not this time. I made a point of using FINO Soothe twice a day from the moment that razor hit my skin to the three or four day crazy irritation mark and what do you know; I ended up with maybe less than a quarter or the irritation I know to expect. Nice one FINO Soothe!

I think it’s important to note here that the regular use from the onset is pretty imperative to good results. Using an enzyme exfoliator just once isn’t going to give you the results you want. You need to keep on slapping it on to effectively sizzle away that dead skin to the point where it’s not there by the time your hair starts to grow out.

Anyway, if you battle with ingrowns, exfoliating acid products like FINO Soothe are definitely worth a look. In the past, when asked about how to deal with them, I’ve often suggested trying Environ’s Derma-Lac lotion. Thing is, that’s AHA-based which is a little stronger than fruit enzymes, so might not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin. FINO Soothe on the other hand could be exactly what you’re looking for and you’ll find it in both Dis-Chem and Clicks as well rubybox’s fab online store going for just R54,95.

Love, love


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One thought on “Review: FINO Soothe After Care Balm for waxing and shaving

  1. I’ve used this for a few months now and am very impressed. I didn’t realise that the boy and girl one were the same. Going to steal my husband’s when mine runs out. He’s also a fan.

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