Greenland body care products are now available at selected Edgars stores

Greenland is a body care brand that hails from the Netherlands and now exclusive to selected Edgars stores. Each product uses organic ingredients wherever possible, is free of parabens, artificial colourants and nothing is tested on animals.945426_526019920789999_1171683868_n

The range consists of body butters, shower gels, body scrubs, massage and bath oil and more available in an array of delish-sounding scents. Think coconut-tangerine, grapefruit-ginger and vanilla-lime. (Personally, I’m dying to get in store and sniff vanilla-lime for myself. My vanilla-lime-scented Yankee candle is one of my favourite things in the world and if Greenland’s goodies smell anything close to that I’ll be in love.)

Greenand body butters, R125 each, exclusive to Edgars.

I was given a few goodies to try – a mint-lavender body butter and shower gel and mango body butter and lip balm and most liked the latter two items. The body butter has a very rich texture and contains hydrating Shea butter, glycerine, olive oil and antioxidant vitamin E. A little goes a long way and those with very dry skin will appreciate it. If you’re not particularly parched just be sure to use it sparingly or it’ll end up pilling on your skin.

The lip balm (a mix of caster seed oil, natural wax, jojoba oil and cocoa butter) is nice and light; afterwards your lips feel as though they’ve been coated in a slick of natural oil, not a thick, waxy Chapstick.

Greeland mango lip balm, R65, exclusive to Edgars.

Its formula is also completely free of paraffin and while it is fragranced, there’s no ‘flavour’ which I kind of like as this stops me from licking it off my lips and drying them out.

In all, if you’re looking for a nice selection of organically-minded bath and body products in an array of yummy-sounding scents, Greenland’s goodies are definitely worth the visit to Edgars.

Love, love


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