Strike a pose darlings: Fujifim XF1 camera review

So let’s just call a spade a spade here; I’m a spoiled cow and get a lot of free shizz. One of the coolest things I’ve received in a while, however, has to be this baby:

Retro hotness, oh yes! I was given the brown one and yes, I know you hate me.
Zexy retro hotness, oh yes! I was given the brown one and yes, I know you hate me.

The new Fujifilm XF1 is possibly the hippest-looking camera I’ve ever seen. Despite its retro looks, it’s shooting skills are 100% 2013 and feature-riddled to the max. Think 12 megapixel shots, super fast auto focus even in low lighting, and a 4x manual zoom lens that turns the camera on and off with a twist.  For a full list of specs, pay a visit to the Fujifilm site over here.

When I first pulled the XF1 out the box I noticed it was a little bigger and heavier than the Samsung I’m used to shooting with. My thoughts were ‘Gosh, this looks cool but its a bit too big to slip into a clutch but at least I’ve now got the hottest-looking back up camera ever’. However, after being super impressed with its performance, I now couldn’t give a damn about the size. (And it’s not that big; my Samsung’s just super duper small.) I now want to shoot everything with the Fujifilm and if that means having to hold it in my hand as opposed to stuff it in my teensy li’l cocktail sakkie, so be it. Besides, it evokes so many ‘oohs and ahs’ that hiding it away would be a shame; this is something you want to show off.

So, aside from le hotness, what else is there to love? For one, the auto setting takes a very nice shot. Almost every time I’ve snapped a pic I’ve been surprised by how this camera manages to make it look warmer, brighter and crisper than the shots I take with my Samsung.

Samsung on the left; Fujifilm on the right; you be the judge of which is better.
Samsung on the left; Fujifilm on the right; you be the judge of which is better.

In fact, most of my Samsung shots need a bit of a Picasa ‘I’m feeling lucky’ auto correct before they hit my blog. With the Fujifilm, it’s kind of sorted out already.

This is an especially mooi piccie I snapped while reviewing a guest house last week. The corridor was a little dark when I shot, so I can’t believe how well this came out. Please just bear in mind that pictures immediately lose a bit of their quality when you slap them up on Wordress; that’s just the way it is.

This is completely unedited. It just came out hundreds.
This piccie is completely unedited, just so you know.

Other cool features? You can actually edit your piccies on the camera! For example, I can take an indulgent l’il ‘selfie’ and then crop into it, correct any red eye nastiness and even rotate the shot before saving it. Then, when I upload it to my laptop, half my work is done. I also like that the video quality is fab and it does a great job of picking up audio.

Fujifilms XF1 gives you a host of ‘scene position’ settings for different scenarios – think beach, snow, sunset, natural light, indoors etc. Naturally, as I’m vain, vain, vain, I’m especially fond of ‘portrait enhancer’ which makes you look even prettier by automatically smoothing out and warming up your skin.

This is me on a bad skin day shot with the auto setting and with the BLAH on the left. OMG, y'all.
This is me on a bad skin day shot with the auto setting and with ‘portrait enhancer’ on the left. OMG, y’all.

Now when horrible bitches skinner about me behind my back saying ‘Oh, so we met Lipglossgirl and she’s actually not that pretty in real life…’ (Don’t think it doesn’t get back to me, sweetheart) at least they won’t be talking kak.

Oooh! And it’s got different filters too; toy camera, pop colour, high key and dynamic tone. In a way, it’s kind of like having Instagram on your camera.

Forgotten which settings these are, oops. These are my favourite 'make-up remover' wipes by the way.
Forgotten which settings these are, oops. These are my favourite ‘make-up remover’ wipes by the way.

You can even set it to pick up select colours only and make your own uber-naff Anne Gedes-style shots.


Aside from scene settings and filters, it can do special effects too; like this 3D shot which allows you to take one pic and then another and superimpose them.


I also like the dual flash setting; you can take one shot and it automatically takes one with flash and another without. Perfect for when I’m taking make-up swatches on the blog!

No flash on the left, with flash on the right.
No flash on the left, with flash on the right.

But ja, I’ve left the piece de resistance for last; the panoramic shot setting. This lets you sweep the camera from side to side with the shoot button down and BAM, you’ve got a pretty panorama. Amazeballs, right?

This is the view from the balcony of that guest house.

The only negatives I’ve discovered so far is that it’s bigger than what I’m used to, but’s it’s won me over enough not to care. Also, you can’t really zoom in as far as I can with my other camera. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you can still zoom in on things (you do this by twisting the lens; v cool!) but you’re not going to be able to zip in real close on a zebra standing on a hill ten kilometres away. But hey, it’s not like I’m David Attenborough or anything so this doesn’t really bother me.

In all, if you’re looking for a retro-cool camera to make your hipster friends super jealous – one that boasts a host of cool features and takes a really nice shot; the Fujifilm XFI might just be your baby. I found it for sale online from for R4 895.

Love, love


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  1. First off, WOW girl! You should consider getting in touch with STUFF mag and reviewing tech for them. You made this so easy and interesting to read. Secondly, I want this camera so badly now just for that skin fixing setting alone. Wow!

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