ghd launches their much anticipated Eclipse

Last month I attended ghd’s most exciting new launch yet, the unveiling of their new revolutionary hair straightener, the ghd Eclipse.

ghd's zexy new Eclipse
ghd’s zexy new Eclipse

The eternally charming Jeannie D was the MC and guests got treated to a seriously rocking performance by Chiano Sky.

Chiano, I freakin’ loved your eyeliner and Jeannie, I hope you appreciate my using the shot where you look totes adorbs and I look tres kak as opposed to the one that’s the other way round.

Anyway, back to the Eclipse: ghd’s calling it ‘a new styler for new era’ and throwing words like ‘game changer’ around which, as you can imagine, provoked a yawn from the more jaded folk in the beauty set. Every new styler reckons it’s the shizz. This, however, was before we got to witness a quick ‘OMFG! Did that really just happen?‘-type of demo. The moment that was done, this baby had our full attention.

You see, the Eclipse is designed for those with coarse, curly, hard to style hair. To show it off, stylists were stationed around the room with models rocking seriously hectique afros; the kind of hair that you’d think only a serious Brazilian straightening treatment could tame. Still, with just a spritz of heat protecting spray and a quick gliding motion of the styler, the model’s hair was instantly converted into a sleek, shiny-looking lock. In one freaking stroke! Sjoe! (This drew an audible gasp from the audience and Miss South Africa, Marilyn Ramos, is a seriously curly-haired girl herself, emitted a tiny shriek o’ glee.)

One stroke bietse. OMFG.
And that, girls, was all it took to prove beyond a doubt that ghd’s new Eclipse is well and truly The Bizznizz.

Now before I get into why the Eclipse is so freakin’ effective lets just take a mo to check out Marilyn’s mooi Forever New clutch.

I loved it so much I ran out and bought the same one the next day.

But ja. Back to the Eclipse. How did it just do that?! For one, it boasts something ghd are calling ‘tri-zone technology’; ultra-thin plates that boast six sensors to ensure their heat remains a constant 185 degrees. As coarse, thick, ethnic hair absorbs more heat than other hair types, maintaining a consistent temperature is a must. As ghd’s Eclipse can do this with ease, it helps to lessen the amount of strokes and time you need to straighten your hair.

So! Do you need an Eclipse? If you’ve got a ‘challenging’ hair type, yes. Oh yes! However, if your hair’s pretty easy to straighten and your current styler’s doing the job, don’t ditch it just yet. You can replace it with an Eclipse when it conks out and it’ll feel like trading in your Kia Picanto for a Lambourghini.

Something else to take note of? If you don’t have a challenging hair type, don’t worry that the Eclipse will fry the living shizz out of your hair. The standard ghd operates at between 175 and 185 degrees and the Eclipse’s temperature is 185. This means you’re already using the same amount of heat as it is. The Eclipse just delivers it differently and, in fact, using it will mean fewer strokes to straighten and actually lessen the amount of heat damage caused to your hair.

Want one? (Of course you do.) The new Eclipse will be sold via all ghd-approved salons going for a cool R2 899 as of next month.

Love, love


P.S. I found Chiano’s album, Hungry, in my press pack and have been blaring it in my car all week. The production value is fabulous, her voice is gorgeous and I’m so proud that South African pop music’s come a long way away from the likes of Qkumba Zoo. God, do you remember that? ‘Yee hi yee hi hi hiiiiio… the child insiiiiiide….’ (Good luck getting that outta your head…)

3 thoughts on “ghd launches their much anticipated Eclipse

  1. I am trying out the Eclipse this evening. Cannot wait. I have super challenging hair and have tried so many different straighteners with little luck so I can’t wait to see how the Eclipse measures up.

    1. Oooh here’s hoping you love it. Please update your comment with your thoughts after you’ve tried it. Would love to know how you found it.

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