Win a Cosmopolitan covershoot with Colgate Optic White toothpaste

Do you have a covergirl smile? Colgate Optic White are running a competition to find South Africa’s most dazzling smile so they can show it off in Cosmopolitan.

Colgate Optic White toothpaste (R15,99) contains hydrogen peroxide and promises to whiten up your smile by three shades within a month.

To promote the competition, Colgate and Cosmo invited a bunch of bloggers to experience a covergirl makeover to create their very own mock Cosmo covers. Fun!

Behind the scenes action.
A glimpse behind the scenes.

Upon arrival at the studio, I stuffed my face with cake pops and browsed the racks to pick out an outfit. While I initially fell in love with a zexy leather top our amazing stylist (who I’m not allowed to name just yet, alas) twisted my arm a bit, steering me towards a mooi Mari & Me dress. Still, I bitched and moaned ‘cos it was a size 12 and I wasn’t convinced it would fit me.

My Mari & Me rokkie is on the left.

Fortunately, Mystery Stylist turned out to be a bit of a MacGuyver and quickly trussed me up with a bunch of clamps to ensure that, from the front, you’d never know I was wearing a dress that, at first, was essentially a very glamorous sack.

Once my wardrobe was sorted, I sat down for a make-up session with freelance make-up artist Shahnaz. She gave me red lips and smoky eyes which looked tres hectique in real life but picked up nicely on film.

Shot Sharon, you rock!
Shot Shahnaz, you rock!

I then got my hair ‘did.

Curl, pin and release.

Within no time, I was good to go pose it up which is so much harder than it looks. Aside from having to worry about angling my arm in a position that doesn’t reveal I’d been hitting the canapes hard, I had to make a conscious effort to keep my tongue in check. God knows why, but when I smile, I almost always end up pressing my tongue against the back of my teeth. My sister reckons it makes me look like a grinning killer whale and embarrasses the shizz out of me whenever she takes a snap by screaming ‘Oh for God’s sake Leigh, YOU LOOK LIKE A FREAKIN’ WHALE!’. I’m then left having to explain to those around me that she’s referring to my tongue as opposed to my ass which is always like totally awkwies.

This is probably why in the latter years she’s switched to using ‘Shamu’, a reference to the orca that used to star in SeaWorld’s super popular killer whale show. (For the record, I’m lucky enough to have seen it – love you, dad! – and it totally rocked.) But ja. Now it’s all ‘Oh God, Shamu’s back. STOP IT! No, you’re STILL doing it! YOU’RE STILL SHAMU! OMFG!’

Anyway, here’s the results of a team effort, ten thousand clamps and a lotta red lippie:

Not too shabby, ne?
Not too shabby, ne?

If I’m honest, I think I look just a teensy bit ‘scowly’ but my arm looks thin and my smile’s sufficiently Colgate-y so hey, I’m a happy girl.

To win your own cover shoot to appear on a fold out cover of Cosmopolitan plus a R20 000 shopping spree with a professional stylist send Colgate a shot of yourself flashing your most dazzling covergirl smile.

The competition closes on the 22nd of May. Four candidates will be chosen and the public will vote for their favourite in August. The winner will then appear in the October issue of Cosmo.

For more information and to enter, visit Colgate’s local website over here.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


UPDATE: I’ve just had friends point out that, interestingly, my dress is particularly orca-esque in it’s print and that, actually, it still looks like I’m sticking my tongue up against my teeth. ‘Like just a bit’. Fok. Guess it’s back to model skool for me…

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  1. Lovely stuff. I need more help on how i can enter for the colgate optic white wear your smile competition. Please help!

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