Woolworths’ new wallet-friendly in-house make-up line

Woolworths has a brand new in-house make-up line in store. I’m not sure what to call it as it doesn’t seem to have a name but each item has the word ‘about’ in it’s title. I.e. ‘About The Pout High Pigment lipgloss and ‘Wink About It Eye Trio’.

How much do we love the super cute packaging?

The range caters for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails and offers both basic and ‘fun’ colours. The best bit, however, is that everything’s as cheap as chips, priced between R29,99 and R59,99!

For me, the stand out of the bunch is a little gem called About The Pout Light Up lipgloss. It’s cap contains a battery and quick flick of a switch lights it up. Love it!

Above: Woolworths Pout about it light up lip gloss in Glow to the Party. Below: From left to right: Woolworths light up lipgloss, high pigment lipgloss in Tickled Pink and high shine lipgloss in Fire Fighter.
Above: Woolworths About The Pout Light Up liploss in Glow to the Party. Below: From left to right: Woolworths About The Pout Light Up lipgloss, High Pigment lipgloss in Tickled Pink and High Shine lipgloss in Fire Fighter.

The light up lipgloss is lovely in that its non-sticky but ‘thick’ enough to stick around on your lips and has a slightly fruity scent that reminds me of Fizzers. I actually can’t believe it only costs R59,99. I reckon it would make an awesome ‘throw in’ when you’re putting together a gift for a friend.

The High Pigment lipgloss (r29,95) wasn’t very pigmented. Still, the colour I received, Tickled Pink, is a fab easy-to-wear sheer fuchsia pink that makes my blue eyes pop. In fact, if I lost it tomorrow I’d happy snap it up in store. The High Shine lipgloss (R29,99) could easily be the same formula as the light up one, but it doesn’t have much of fragrance. Colour-wise, Fire Fighter is a sheer sparkly cherry.

Other goodies worth a mention? The lip & cheek tint in Cheeky Cherry (R49,95) is easy to blend and nice and buildable. I’m not crazy about the colour (it’s even more coral than it looks in this pic) but, if I spot it in fuchsia or pink, I’ll probably toss it into my trolley. The liquid eyeliners are pretty decent too. Once on, they sit tight and only come off when you want them to. For R39,95 you’d be hard pressed to find better quality anywhere else.

Lip & Cheek Tint in Cheeky Cherry, Dazzling Gel Eyeliner in Hi Ho Silver and Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black.
Above: Lip & Cheek Tint in Cheeky Cherry, Dazzling Gel Eyeliner in Hi Ho Silver and Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black. Below: Wink About It Eye Trio in Silk Road.

I wasn’t all that impressed with the mascaras (R49,95 each) and think the eye shadow trios (R59,95 each) are a bit hit or miss in that the brown shade was fabulously pigmented but the green and purple colours were less so.

Nice one Woolies! Very, very nice!

Woolies’ new ‘About’ collection is in all stores as I type. If you try it and discover a regte gem, please let me know in the comments section.

Love, love


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