A Glow Cape Town Spray Tan and Smirnoff voda boxtails = a recipe for fun

My friend Tam has started her own mobile beauty biz, Glow Cape Town: Spray Tan and Make-up.

Glow baby blow!
Glow baby blow!

For R250 she’ll come to your house and give you a spray tan thanks to a pop-up tent. If you go to her in Kenilworth, it’s only R150. Tam’s also a trained make-up artist so she offers make-up lessons too and does make-up for all sorts of special occasions, be it a wedding or a hot date.

Love you Tam!
Love you Tam!

Tam and I both grew up in li’l old Port Elizabeth but somehow never crossed paths which is super weird ‘cos we have ten zillion mututal friends and have even fiddled with the same boys. Still, I suppose the latter’s hardly novel since PE’s about as big as Canal Walk shopping centre and there are only so many hotties to go around. In fact, I’ll probably discover we’re second cousins twice removed or something which would be great ‘cos then she won’t reject the kidney I’d happily give her, should she ever need it.

Anyway, as luck would have it, the good folk at Smirnoff sent me a bunch of their new pre-mixed boxtails just a few days before my little tan party and I took this as a sign from the gods that the universe wants me to live out my own version of Eat Pray Love, namely Eat, Spray Tan and ‘Why yes, I’d LOVE another Smirnoff boxtail’…

Cheers girls!

The eating bit was easy thanks to Monks Chinese who delivered within 40 minutes. Their crispy beef is this shizz, their delivery boys are adorable and how can you not love a place that’s uses The Little Mermaid’s Under the Sea as their hold music? Love that! Oh! And Tam made cupakes in her corporate colours:

See the cute li’l bikinis? And of course the icing’s cream cheese. Like you even had to ask…

Cocktail-wise, I really thought I’d most like Smirnoff’s Vodka & Cranberry cocktail but found it a leetle too sweet. The Vodka & Apple, Blackcurrant & Passionfruit mix, however, was awesome and, to me, tasted how I expect most vodka cranberry cocktails to taste like. Still, as far as my friends were concerned, the real winner was the Vodka & Apple, Melon & Pomegranite flavour. They declared it ‘refreshing and light’, ‘not too sweet’ and was the kind of thing you’d happily sip at a summer braai or pool party.

Once the boxes were drained and the cupcakes destroyed, we stipped off and took turns popping into Tam’s tanning tent. A few of us went in bitching and moaning. Think ‘God, don’t judge me on my thighs right now… I haven’t seen the gym in weeks…’ but the moment we got our tans on it was a totally different story; the bronze mist instantly made everyone look lean and toned and magically erased any trace of stretch marks and cellulite. Within minutes we were all strutting around starkers shrieking ‘LOOK AT MY ASS! How much are we LOVING my ass, right now?!’

Impressive tan line, ne?

Obviously, this was the exact moment my poor flatmates, one of whom has a penis, would walk in the door. Girl Flatmate had mild hysterics as 99% of the decor in the flat is all white and having drunken spray-tanned chicas running amok wasn’t conducive to maintaining her vision. Boy Flatmate just did his best to keep his head down and navigate his way to the loo without being slapped about the head by a sea of uber-tanned titties. (I know, I know. The poor thing suffers so…)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a seriously natural-looking spray tan, I highly reccommend you give my darling Tam a shout. And not just because she’s my friend and I love her but mostly ‘cos she’s my friend and I love her…

Love, love


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