Sally Hansen’s new Smooth & Perfect hand cream and Dry & Go drops (review)

So I got a little lovin’ from Sally Hansen in the form of their new Smooth & Perfect hand cream (R94,95) and Complete Salon Manicure Dry & Go drops (R79,95).

The hand cream, just so you know, is very nice.

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect hand cream
Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect hand cream

It moisturises well but absorbs fast and isn’t greasy or sticky feeling. It’s also got a fresh, aloe-type of scent and contains something called Oxygen Concentrate to ‘instantly hydrate and brighten dull skin’.

Honestly, I have no clue what Oxygen Concentration is and google couldn’t help me out either but either way, thanks to subtle illuminating particles, my hands do look the teensiest bit ‘brighter’ after use.

As for the Dry & Go drops, these are great.

Sally Hansen Dry & Go drops
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry & Go drops

I tried another brand’s quick drying drops the other day and didn’t like the formula, so much so that I sent it back to the PR company that gave it to me. It didn’t really do much to speed up my drying time and, regardless of how many times I tried using it, it ended up ‘disturbing’ the polish, causing it to dry in a way that looked as though I’d just dripped something onto it.

Sally’s drop, however, don’t mess up the look of your mani and do increase the speed at which your mani dries. To be specific, their drops promise your mani will be ‘touch dry’ within 60 seconds and ‘completely dry’ in two minutes. With just two coats of regular (non-fast drying) Revlon nail colour this is completely legit. However, if you throw a clear top coat into the mix you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

In all, Sally’s drops don’t work as well as my beloved Deborah Lippmann’s Addicted To Speed, the mother of all fast-drying top coats, but they’re certainly well worth the effort of using them not to mention half the price of Ms Lippmann’s product. They also contain antioxidant vitamin E and jojoba oil to help hydrate your cuticles.

In all, I find I get the best results in regards to a glossy, professional-looking finish when I use the drops to speed dry two coats of polish, wait two minutes and then apply my top coat and let it dry naturally.

Nice one Sally Hansen, very nice. But then again your nail products have always been among the best of the bunch. Speaking of which, please don’t ever stop making your Instant Cuticle Remover; it’s beyond amaze. (Read my review here.)

Love, love


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