NIVEA launches new Stress Protect deodorant in South Africa

Being a somewhat jaded lot, it takes one helluva launch to get the beauty bunch buzzing. NIVEA’s, however, was one of them; a two day affair at the Raddisson Blue hotel in Granger Bay that saw editors being given a choice between enjoying a slew of spa treatments or – wait for it – jumping off Lion’s HeadΒ to parasail down to Clifton 4th.

As you know, I’m lucky cow who spends a good part of her life in spa slippers as part of her ‘job’ so it made sense to take the literal plunge and opt for parasailing. And while the experience was super screamy fun, I could’ve kissed the ground upon landing. In all, it was a very ‘I’m glad I can cross that off my to do list, but I won’t be doing it again in case the next one kills me’-type of experience….

At least the view's pretty before you die.
‘If I die, you can dish out all my organs sommer but please give my shoes to my friends Tatum or Kelly. They’re the only other size fours I know…’

Anyway, let’s talk about NIVEA’s new deo Stress Protect deos.

NIVEA Stress Protect aerosol spray (R22,99) and roll-on (R16,99) deos.

It’s just hit the shelves in roll-on and aerosol form in variants for men and women. The women’s deos have a soft, powdery-orange scent that won’t interfere with your perfume but I prefer wearing the men’s range which smells a little bit cooler, a little bit fresher. It promises to protect you for up to 48 hours but I’m too into regular showers to ever put that to the test.

What makes Stress Protect different to other deo’s is the fact that it protects you from two different types of sweat; normal sweat (the kind you’d produce if you hit the treadmill) and stress-induced sweating (the kind you might experience if being chased by a pack of wolves, auditioning for Simon Cowel or dangling from a parachute above Clifton 4th.)

Normal sweat is all water and salt from your eccrine glands, but stress sweat is produced by the apocrine glands and contains a fatty substance that starts to smell bad once the bacteria on your skin starts breaking it down. As NIVEA Stress Protect deo contains a special Zinc Complex, it blitzes the bacteria that creates the smell, protecting you against both normal and stress sweat. Cleverness!

Anyway, if you’re looking out for a new deo it would make sense to pick up NIVEA’s new option. I mean, why just cover yourself for one type of sweat, right? They’ll be on the shelf as of mid March.

Other NIVEA news? They’ll be changing the shape of their body lotion bottle, replacing the curvy shape with these boys:

The new logo was inspired by Nivea's iconic little round blue pot.
The new logo was inspired by Nivea’s iconic little round blue pot.

Again, this is happening mid March.

Anyway, there will be other exciting additions to NIVEA’s line-up as the year rolls out – think an indulgent new shower cream and a line of richer body creams just in time for winter – but I’ll rather chat about them in a bit more depth closer to the time.

Love, love


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