The best of my GOSH box: Argan Oil Moroccan Hair Oil and Brow kit

So, you know I got spoiled at the GOSH launch, right? I’ve been playing with the goodies they gave me and, aside from their awesome Light n’ Shine lip glaze, I’ve also been impressed with this dude:

GOSH Argan Oil Moroccan Hair Oil for all hair types, R89

It’s pretty much the same formula as another big name argan oil-infused brand (and by that I mean 99% silicone and a few drops argan oil) but it totally does the trick when it comes to smoothing frizz and adding a mooi-looking shine to your locks.

Personally, as my hair’s very fine, I like to squeeze a little into my hands and run them through the lengths of my hair while it’s still wet. It’s then super easy to brush and, after blow drying, gleams beautifully.

I’m also getting a fair amount of use out of this guy:

GOSH Eye Brow Kit, R155

I’ve been using the tapered brush to apply the medium shade to my brows; it fills them in a flash and the effect is nice and natural-looking. I then (sometimes) use the eye shadow applicator-like end to seal the deal with the brow wax. The only thing missing from the kit, however, is a brow comb. I wish to goodness they’d included that instead of two other brow powders I’ll never ever use. In that case, it would’ve deffo been a make-up bag must have as opposed to a nice to have.

Anyway, have you gotten up close and personal with GOSH yet? If so, let me know which products have impressed you the most.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “The best of my GOSH box: Argan Oil Moroccan Hair Oil and Brow kit

  1. Thanks for this! I’m abt to finish my tube of body shop anti-frizz and need something new and better to kill the frizz but keep the curl! I’ll definitely give it a try.

  2. I live in Durban and I have been to all the edgars and red squares and none of them stock this GOSH Argan Oil Moroccan Hair Oil. Please can somebody tell me where I can get it in Durban. Thnks

    1. Hi Nicola. Perhaps call Edgar’s customer service. They should be able to tell you where it’s stocked in Durbs. If you don’t have any luck get back in touch with me and I’ll ask the PR if she can help you x

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