Thanks Luxottica, I’m loving my new Burberry eyeglasses

Confession time! I wasn’t a pretty baby. While most of my childhood friends were uber sweet, adorable little boos, I was a giant cabbage-lump with wispy strawberry blonde hair. Fortunately, I blossomed into an angelic little tot that won Living & Loving magazine’s baby of the year and even graced their front cover, nogal! *Hair flick, head toss*

Alas, it was all down hill from there. Fast forward a few years and I was running around with a mouth full of braces and super thick ‘Coke Bottle bottom’ glasses. The kind of specs that would make someone never ever want to wear another pair again. And yet, despite all this, I’ve somehow fallen madly, crazily in love with these gorgeous new Burberry babies:

Whatcha think? Take me more seriously now?

While my eyes aren’t super bad anymore (I had the life-changing lazer op at 20), they’ve declined over the years to the point where I now can’t read the subtitles on TV. Thanks to these fab new specs, however, I’m finally going to get what those Russian spies are on about in James Bond movies.

Want to check out Burberry’s new eyeglass collection yourself? You’ll find them at Luxottica stockists around the country. To find one near you call (021) 486 6100.

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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