Kanebo Sensai’s new 2012 colour additions including Vibrant Cream Colour and Intense Lasting lipstick reviews

Forget colour blocking; if you’re really chic (or Japanese nobility) you’ll know all about kasane, the art of layering translucent coloured kimonos. As it turns out, there are over 200 different Kasane patterns to pick from to create a look that reflects the season, the occasion or your social standing.

Obviously a very special potato… or whatever that is in there…

Kanebo’s new make-up collection was inspired by Kasane and includes two new lippie lines as well as four eye shadow palettes.

Kanebo Eye Shadow palette in ES11; three complimentary shadows AND a gel eye liner for R445

As for the lippies, the lines are Vibrant Cream Colour and Intense Lasting Colour:

Kanebo Sensai Vibrant Cream Colour on the left and Intense Lasting Colour on the right, R365 each.

Vibrant Cream Colour is lovely in that it glides onto your lips, feels ‘creamy’ but doesn’t move around or bleed and is heavily pigmented so all you need is one ‘lick’ to get both colour and comfort.

My favourite formulation, however, was Intense Lasting Colour. Again, the pigmentation is great but it stays on your lips for ages. Not quite as long as, say Revlon ColourStay, but certainly longer than ‘regular’ lippies. The best bit, however, is that unlike other ‘marathon runners’, it doesn’t dry out your lips in the least. Like Not. At. All.

The darlings at Kanebo gave me this li’l ‘tester’ palette to try. Loving VC 11 and IL 109 and IL 110.

At R365 per lippie (for both ranges), they’re not exactly a ‘budget buy’ but if you find a shade you love and will wear with everything (much like a good pair of jeans), you can write it off as a spoilicious treat.

Love, love


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