Bonjour, bonjour!

By the time you read this, I’ll be in France with my li’l sis, Mands, who lives Lille, along with my American cousins, Elle and Van, who’ve been visiting for a whole week already. (So far I’ve missed out on an impromptu trip to Belgium and Elle’s surprise 30th that Mands threw in a beautiful old castle. A frikken castle*, ek se! Like with turrets and alles. No moat though. Just a lake. But come on! Can you believe I wasn’t there?!)

Still, I’m getting spoiled with a six days in St. Tropez (oui, oui!). We’ll be hanging out on the yacht and this could be, like, totally awesome or The Worst Thing Ever ‘cos I’m a bit weird when it comes to boats. Sometimes I’m good and then there are times when I get so seasick it literally paralyzes me and I end up clinging to the rails, eyes rolling about in my head. My poor dad’s the same and for years we had this horrible picture of him projectile vomiting off some random boat taped to our fridge at home. In fact, it’s probably still there…

Anyway, if you’re stuck at a desk now and feeling a tad sick yourself (with envy that is – ha ha!), take comfort in the fact that I’ll be back before you know it with a good 25kgs of ‘extra ass’ just in time for summer. ‘Cos that’s what I really like to do when I go to France; get fat…

…and these are the hideous, unflattering pics Mands takes of me while I’m doing it!

Nice, right? She’s the same sister who sends me flowers on my birthday with cards reading ‘Happy Birthday you old whore!’ (Can’t imagine where she gets that from…)

Anyway, I’ve scheduled some posts to go live while I’m away so don’t worry, my site’s not going to go dead. You’ll be getting a post a day and I’ll be checking in here and there while I’m away.

Otherwise, au revior bietse! We’ll catch up when I get back on the 20th.

Love, love


*Ja. My sister lives a very different life to us regular folk. I’d love to elaborate more but I’m not allowed to. Sorry man!

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