So Appletiser gave me a car…

…but you can relax ‘cos it was made out of paper:

It did, however, feature four ’tiser-y little passengers including Red Grapetiser which I love (even though they’re notoriously kak at parallel parking).

They’re running a competition at the mo where all you have to do is SMS the code behind your ‘Sparkle On’ label to 45118 to find out if you’re the winner of an instant prize. (Think spa treatments, fancy dinners and more.)

If not, you’ll at least get entered into their lucky draw to win a personalized weekend away for you and three friends worth a cool R60K. (Cape Town Girl got treated to the experience just the other day and it looked totally awesome; you can read up all about over here.)

Want more Appletiser info in general as well as on more chances to win? ‘Sparkle on’ to their website over here.

Good luck girls!


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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