The Body Shop launch limited edition Vineyard Peach collection plus lush summer fragrances

Two new limited edition summer collections (don’t you just love those?) have breezed into The Body Shop, the first being the Vineyard Peach bath and body range:

Vineyard Peach body butter R125, scrub R115, body lotion R70 and shower gel R99.

I’ve always loved peaches and used to live on the tinned syrupy ones as a kid. That was like a standard lunch or supper for me; a tin of peaches and I was as happy as a clam. I’m also still crazy about those sugary little peach sweets you buy out of jars at various dodgy garage shops and cafes. In fact, you can now get packets of them at stores like Pick n Pay but they’re not the same; nothing beats a sticky garage peach sweet…

But ja, I’m getting totally sidetracked here. Let’s talk about Vineyard Peach. The Body Shop says it smells like ‘freshly picked peaches’ and they’re dead on; the scent is sweet and lush but soft and fresh at the same time, so you’re not going to slap it on and then writhe in migraine-induced agony in the hot summer sun.

I was given the body butter to play with and, formulation-wise, it’s pretty impressive. It’s moisturising ingredients include organic beeswax, shea butter and a mix of oils, namey sesame, coconut and brazil nut. I liked that it sunk into my skin nice and quick and left me smelling ‘peachy’ for hours afterwards.

The second lot of limited edition lovelies? The Body Shop’s new summer fragrance collection; a lighter, fresher reworking of three of their most popular scents.

The Body Shop Love ETC Sun Kiss, Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh EDT, White Musk Sun Glow EDT, R180 each.

I was sent White Musk Sun Glow which made my day because when I sniffed them all in store it was definitely my favourite. The Body Shop reckon it’s the same super popular White Musk you know and love, but with a new freshness thanks to zesty lemon plus a bit of warmth due to an enhanced amber base note. Other notes include peony, peach, sandalwood and musk.

On me, I only smell the lemon, peach and musk and I love, love, love it. It’s the kind of fresh/sweet/warm easy-to-wear spritz and go kind of scent that makes me want to keep it in my handbag and use it throughout the day as a pick-me-up. And I adore the pretty ombre sunset-inspired bottle. The only negative is that the staying power isn’t great. You’re going to need to reapply throughout the day if you want to remain in a happy Sun Glow cloud.

Anyway, if you want any of these babies, especially the fragrances, best you move fast. I googled them to get a little extra info and see they’re no longer available at both The Body Shop in the UK as well as the states. If you fall in love with anything, snap up as many as you can afford ‘cos once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Love, love


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2 thoughts on “The Body Shop launch limited edition Vineyard Peach collection plus lush summer fragrances

  1. Coolness… I like the fragrance bottles too.. They should have a refill service so then they dont have to remake more bottles- but just refill previous customers bottles with perfume at a reduced cost!!

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