ZARA launches at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town (and all is right with the world once more)

After a wait that felt like forever, ZARA, one of the world’s most exciting (and affordable!) fashion chains has set up shop in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.


If my creative skills were up to it, this is where I’d insert a montage of happy babies, prancing unicorns and cute li’l hamsters in tiaras. The soundtrack? ‘Walking on sunshine!’ Like, duh! But I’ll stop rambling now and just cut to what I know you’re all dying to get a look at – the klere… the awesome AWESOME klere… gorgeous bang-on-trend statement pieces like this boy:

I took a piccie of the price but it came out blurry, will update you ASAP.

Studs and spikes were EVERYWHERE girls! On jackets… on belts… even on pretty little whimsical blouses:

Gorgeous, right?

They also had a lot of Chanel-inspired jackets like this one:

This would look great with dark blue skinnies and a kick ass studded bag.

Oh! And peplums! Peplums were also all over the place too:

This cute li’l rokkie was around the R350 mark I think.

Price-wise, I was seriously impressed. I mean, sure, every now and again I’d pick something up and be all ‘ouch’ but it was almost always justified. Like this jacket for example:

Gorgeous cream faux leather with a moc croc print, R2700

It’s buttery softness and beautiful craftmanship make it easy to understand its price. It’s not like when you walk into YDE and are affronted with rack upon rack of badly run up crap that costs you the earth but can only be worn twice before it falls apart in the wash.

Ooh! And how cute are these minty l’il cut-out pumps (R499)?

Ag soet man!

They also had lots of brightly coloured skinnies:

These were R320 a pop.

And how divine are these little chain sakkies?

I’ve forgotten the price but remember going ‘Ooh, that’s pretty good!’

At one point, Karisa, who was with me, gripped me by the arm and said ‘this is actually too good and it’s freaking me out. Seriously, Leigh. I can’t feel the left side of my body… it’s gone all numb… I think I’m having a heart attack from all the awesomeness…’ Still, the poor baba managed to work her right arm and swipe her card for these boys:

Too cute suede colourblock heels, R499

I also indulged in a little retail therapy myself and splashed out for this super cute coral blazer, R659:

Mooi, ne?

If I wasn’t so damn impoverished right now thank to Invisalign (more on that in another post), I’d have sprung for this boy…

Black suede tassel bag, R759

…and maybe these guys (R1299):


Other things I liked?

This sweet little polka dot and lace sun dress…

…and suede coral strappy heels:

Clearly, I’m having a bit of a ‘coral moment’…

ZARA also have their own fragrance collection:

Oh hello there…

I was most taken with one called ‘Oriental’ which smelled warm, sweet and sexy and reminded me a bit of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. The best bit? It was only R160! I also liked that despite being inexpensive, it really didn’t smell that way. Oooh! And the brand’s even created a new scent in honour of its foray into Cape Town:

ZARA Cape Town St. Athlone 6112

I’m not to sure how much that big bottle cost but Clouds, who was also there, snapped up a mini roll-on for a mere R60. It smelled fresh, green and citrusy; tres mooi.

As a parting gift, Go4Word PR who handled the event, dished out these divine studded clutches:

Karisa, Clouds and I are going to use them to fight each other to the death in regards to who gets to wear it when.

Anyway, if you were thinking about skipping work tomorrow to go check out the store (it opens at 9am), I say do it! I mean, come on, what’s a written warning in the face of sizzling hot fashion?

ZARA gets the Lipglossgirl thumbs up!

Love, love


P.S. Le boyf just got home. He hates my blazer and thinks it makes me look like ‘an air hostess’. Does he not realise he’s talking to a girl who now owns a studded clutch o’ death?!

P.S.S. ZARA also have a very nice men’s and kid’s section, just so you know…

10 thoughts on “ZARA launches at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town (and all is right with the world once more)

  1. Hi… Just wanted to ask, the colourful skinnies, is the green very bright or is it more of a mint green? Thanks!

    1. The ones in that pic are very ‘green’. There were two other styles (also around that price, maybe less) that were regte, egte baby pastel mint. Both made my legs look fat. Vok. Do try them on for yourself tho! x x

  2. So freaking AMAZING! And what I love even more is the prices. I’m literally freaKING out!!
    I want those colour block heels… They are perfect! And so is your blazer, I might have to get one of those too.
    Hoping I can pop in today… The store looks awesome!
    One quick question, by “pelmets” do you mean peplum? Peplum is trendy right now, I’ve just never heard it be described as pelmet.
    Great post Leigh, thank you!

    1. The kid’s section is divine; she’ll lose her mind. Actually teased Karis that she’s small enough to fit in their size 10 to 12 so take her with you x

  3. REALLY looking forward to your Invisalign post! Busy trying to find a nice, trustworthy orthdontist so would be very interested to hear who you used and how the experience has been. Thanks!

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