Clarins Ever Matte foundation and powder review

As you know, I’m an oily-skinned girl who pretty much hyperventilates if I accidentally leaves home without blotting powder. I also like mattifying foundations and, back in the day, my ‘go to’ oil-zapper was Clinique Superfit. When they discontinued it, they might as well have plunged a knife in my greasy little heart. Thus, I’m absolutely thrilled to have discovered Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing foundation:

Clarins Ever Matte Skin Balancing foundation, R335

It promises medium-weight light-feeling coverage and makes use of a ‘Skin Detox’ complex, a blend of botanical ingredients complex that helps absorb excess oil and regulate sebum.

Le Clarins Ever Matte girl; a non-shining beacon of hope for oily girls across the globe…

I was given a tube to try in a shade called Sand (thanks Clarins!) I liked that it contains enough silicone to give it a ‘silky’ texture that glides across your skin but not enough to turn you into an oil slick. As far as coverage goes, I’d describe it as light to medium-weight in that it evens out your skin tone and hides minor imperfections. Also, thanks to the addition of light-diffusing pigments, it doesn’t have that dry, ‘flat’ look that so many mattifying/long-wearing foundations tend to have. As far as oil-control goes, I still had to reach for my blotting powder throughout the day, but far less so than I’d have to when wearing other non-mattifying foundations.

Oooh! And did I mention that it’s got an SPF of 15? Those with oily skins will know that sunscreen can be a bit of an issue. While we shouldn’t set foot outdoors without it, many sunscreens are formulated in such a way that they aggravate le oilies. (This is why so many moisturisers aimed at oily skin tend to leave it out. Great if you want to remain shine-free by lunch but hideous in the long-term as you’ll end up looking like a sun-damaged old prune.) Fortunately, Ever Matte’s SPF is one of the gems in that it’s oil-free!

Oh! And lets not forget about the powder:

Clarins Ever Matte Shine Control mineral powder compact, R360

It’s a super-fine transparent powder that claims to help control oil for hours. (Again, it makes use of that ‘skin detox’ complex.) It actually works just as well as my beloved MAC Blot powder in that it doesn’t build up on your skin; you can literally apply it a zillion times a day and won’t end up looking cakey. Better yet, it’s also got light-diffusing pigments to help blur the look of fine lines and enlarged pores. Nice one Clarins… very, very nice…

Love, love


5 thoughts on “Clarins Ever Matte foundation and powder review

    1. I liked Ever Lasting but prefer Ever Matte ‘cos it’s slightly sheerer and less heavy feeling. Both of them lasted for ages on my skin so if its more coverage you’re after I’d go for Ever Lasting. Still, if I were you, I’d go get samples of both (Clarins is v good that way), try them both and then buy the one you like best.

  1. Hi Leigh

    Is it available in stores yet? Also went looking to try the Pony fragrances on your earlier blog but couldnt find them anywhere…do you know when they will be available as well?

    1. Yip, they are. Big Pony should be in store too; they launched on the 8th. Not sure why some stores are slow to the party but they should at least be in all the big flagship Edgars’.

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