Did you know they’ve stuck my face on a Chappies wrapper?

So I had a mean bubblegum craving the other day and thought I’d treat myself to a seriously big ass Chappie. Check it out:


Okay, okay, so it’s not actually a Chappie… it’s a box full of them!

This is the kind of gift that dreams were made of when I was a kid. Actually, it’s still totally awesome even now…

The best bit, however, is the wrapper:

Ta frikken da bietse!

Why thank you Chappies! I’m so flattered that you’d deem my mug fit for one of your wrappers. I feel like an icon in my own time. (Hair flick, head toss…) But seriously, did you have to use that uber-kak piccie of me? Really?!

Still, I suppose I’ve got off lightly… They got hold of my friend Clouds to squeeze her for random ‘Leigh factoids’ and one of the things she mentioned was that I eat sushi with my hands as opposed to with chopsticks. Clearly she hadn’t tapped into her inner Evil Biets streak that day otherwise my ‘Did you know’ could have easily ended up along the lines of ‘Did you know Leigh van den Berg picks her nose in traffic? … or that she’s planning on buying a hamster behind her boyfriend’s back? … or that she tends to get drunk and show off the fact that she still knows every word on Disney’s The Little Mermaid soundtrack?

Anyway, if you want to make a bit of Chappies history yourself, pop on over to their Facebook page or website. They’re looking for a zillion new ‘Did you knows?’. If any that you submit gets chosen it’ll feature in one of their wrappers and you could win cool prizes in the process; stuff like a years supply of Chappies!

Love, love (and lots of bubblegum),


6 thoughts on “Did you know they’ve stuck my face on a Chappies wrapper?

    1. Thanks guys! This is one of the coolest campaigns I’ve seen in ages. And not just ‘cos they used my face… okay, okay… it’s deffo ‘cos they used my face… Heheheh… Very sharp, very sly… Love it!

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