Essence and Catrice cosmetics; the best of the bag

Remember that I received a whopload of Essence and Catrice goodies the other day? Well I’ve had time to play around with them and thought I’d fill you in on my favourites.

First up we’ve got this super adorable mini lipgloss set, R34,95:

I love that you’re getting Benefit Cosmetics-style box set cuteness at a snip of the price!

I’ve now disassembled it and have a mini gloss living in each of my tiny little clutches as well as the zipper pocket of my gym towel (‘cos you can never look too good on the treadmill…)

Another goodie? Essence Studio Nails Fast cuticle remover, R24,95: This isn’t as speedy as Sally Hansen’s Instant cuticle remover, but for something a snip of the price, it does a seriously good job. If I was cash strapped and needed to add a cuticle zapper to my nail bag I’d be more than happy to purchase this one.

I was also impressed with this Catrice Smokey Eyes brush, R39,95:
It’s got a soft shadow brush on one end and a tapered bristle brush on the other that I’ve been using to apply gel eye shadow. I was so surprised by its overall quality that I’m now keen to try more of the brand’s brushes.

I’m also enjoying Catrice’s Colour Show Colour & Stay lip gloss, R49,95.

Catrice Colour Show lip gloss in Flirty Fuchsia

They’re promise up to four hours of wear but, as they’re not as tacky as my usual MAC glosses, I seem to only get about two hours max. Still, I’m loving Flirty Fuchsia (pictured above); it’s a sheer shimmery hot pink that makes my blue eyes pop and doesn’t dry out my lips.

Ooh! And how could I forget about this baby?

Catrice Prime and Fine translucent loose powder (R64,95) does the same job as Smashbox and MAC’s powder primers in that it temporarily obliterates pores and fine lines with just a few sweeps.

Last but not least, I HAVE to mention these eye shadows. I didn’t get them in my press kit but found them in the sale bin for less than R20 a pop at Clicks so I’m not sure if they’re still on the shelves:

On the left we’ve got Essence ‘Colour & Shine’ eyeshadow in Stage Beauty and Essence eyeshadow in Delirious Show.

I’ve been using Delirious Show (a sparkly brown shade) on my lid and Stage Beauty (a shimmery bronzey gold) in the crease. Neither of them match up to the velvety texture or high pigmentation of other more expensive eye shadows but in regards to what they cost, they’re absolute gems.

So. Are you an Essence/Catrice fan like me? If you’ve discovered something of theirs that’s too good not to share with your fellow chicas please don’t hesitate to tell us about it in the comments section. Also, if you’ve got any other fab budget beauty buys you wan’t to blab about please go right on ahead.

Love, love


P.S. I didn’t love Catrice’s mascaras but thought their nail polish colour selection was fab. They’ve also got the cutest names… think Beavis and Mud-head, Dulce & Havanna, I Am A Lob-Star…

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10 thoughts on “Essence and Catrice cosmetics; the best of the bag

  1. I absolutely LOVE the Essence make-up range!!! I havn’t tried the Catrice brand yet, but half my make-up bag, consist’s of only Essence. I love the bronzers and nail polish and tried the concealer pen not too long ago, and I am hooked. I use it to touch up any puffy eyes or dark circles during the day:) Also love the foundation and at the price, it’s like being a kid in a candy store! Would still like to try the eu de toilets:)

  2. I think Essence products are great! Their nail polish selection is spot on with international trends (crackle& magnetic polish) and the colours are fabulous. Their make up remover wipes are super too. They are big enough to remove all your make up and smell yummy too! All in all a great range of products at good prices!

  3. Genius in a Bottle is my new favourite nail colour – whenever I wear it, without fail, people stop to ask me what it is. Totes worth R35 🙂

  4. Only yesterday was I doing test between Mac Blacktrack gel liner in a pot and the similar one from Essence! Guess what? Essence won!! As a MUA I have to know which one is going to last longer etc and whilst they both had the same longevity the Essence one was quite a bit darker. I must say though that the Mac one was slightly(only slightly) easier to apply as it was a bit thinner.

    1. Thanks so much for this! Can’t tell you how much I love it when a bargain bin goodie outperforms or works just as well as a more expensive one x x

      1. Oooh! I totally thought in my head that I’d replied to you and see that I haven’t. Thanks Angela, your review’s great and I totally appreciate the link. It’s always awesome when you find something super cheap that can do the same job (if not better) than something more expensive. X x x

  5. I’m a huge fan of Essence’s nail products, especially the crackle coats, stamping set and the Soft feel topper. Definite buys if you like doing nail art! ^_^

    (also their brushes are some of my favs in my kit, the smokey eye brush blends beautifully)

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