World Class South Africa mixology competiton 2012

Earlier this week I attended the World Class South Africa mixology competition at 15 on Orange. To fill you in, it’s a global competition to find the world’s best cocktail chef. SA had six peeps in the running and the winner turned out to be Brent Perremore from Asoka in Kloof Street, Cape Town.

Brent’s winning cocktails were a Cîroc vodka concoction called ‘A cheese and vine’ and another with Johnnie Walker called ‘Midas Touch of Kilmarnock’.

As for the party, it had a 1920’s theme. I didn’t dress up as I’d come directly from a dinner with friends but My Love Affair with Cape Town’s Karis Piss made an effort.

You rock that headband baby…

I was also impressed with All4Women’s Rebecca Dodd’s get up:

While everyone came in black she rocked out in neutrals creating a look that reminded me a lot of Daisy from The Great Gatsby. 

But ja, getting back to the competition… this involved the different mixologists whipping up their cocktails live on stage for a panel of judges that included Jen Su and her seriously hot pink Louis Vuitton handsakkie.

Oooh! Lets take a closer look…

Cute, right? I had to photograph it a zillion times ‘cos the flash kept bouncing off of it.

While only the judges got to the taste the competing cocktails, guests were treated to four other very interesting drinks created by Nick Koumbarakis (also known as The Alchemist), the mastermind behind those you’ll find at The Orphanage. My favourite was The Jubilee, a mix of spiced berry cordial, Earl Grey-infused Ciroc Vodka, hints of citrus and cranberry foam.

Don’t let the sweet li’l tea cup fool you, this baby was seriyasly STERK!

Check out the cool ‘steaming’ tea pots they used to serve it:

It looks hot but it’s not; I think they used dry ice or something.

The best bit?  It was served with the most revolting-sounding yet absurdly delicious macaroon ever. It had a strong apple flavour and the creamy bit inside was sweet yet salty thanks to the infusion of… wait for it… bacon! Yes, you heard me… a bacon and apple macaroon!

Bite me, I dare you…

Food stylist Sam Linsell was also impressed, agreeing that it was so wrong yet so good. You know, like when you got drunk and made out with your totally hot cousin*.

Drizzle and Dip’s Sam and ‘Relax with’ Dax.

Other kiff canapés included this mini pie thing that came with a dropper full of chocolate sauce!


I didn’t actually try but wish I had. Like I said, I’d arrived from a girlie catch-up dinner and was aboslutely stuffed, having eaten an enormous naan bread the size of my torso. This is also why I reeked of garlic so here’s an apology to all who had to endure me…

Anyhoo, after a getting our fill of  crazy cocktails, I made my way home via a fun li’l photoshoot with KP and Omesh in the hotel’s lift. It’s super big and features a huge gold chair that we christened the ‘Ferrero Rocher love seat’ ‘cos, if you’re blind drunk, it totally looks like that.

Hey guys, I’m having waaay too much fun, let’s go grab another drink somewhere…

Awesome! So like where do you wanna go?!

How about… zzz…

A big dankie to Galia and the girls from Greater Than PR who put the party together; thanks for a fun night out. Also, best of luck to cocktail king Brent; he’ll be competing in the World Class finals in Brazil next month, I hope your drinks kick ass and that you bring the title home to SA.

Love, love


*Relax dad, I’m totally joking. Promise.

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