Clicks’ Electrical Sale’s been extended to 24 June 2012

Clicks is tres cunning in holding their electrical sale in winter; this is exactly when you really want to spring for a heater or an electric blanket and snapping it up on sale is a lure too good to resist.

As it is, my boyfriend came home with a gas heater the other day. It does an amazing job of warming up our lounge so I’m working to get over my irrational fear of operating it alone. Every time I go to switch it on, I visualise it bursting into flames. I know it’s totally ridic but I’ve had ‘fire issues’ ever since semi-burning down a former flatmate’s kitchen in an attempt to make Chinese prawn crackers. To date, I can only really eat them if I’m in the fetal position. And rocking. With a bit of crying…

Anyway, getting back to the sale… they’ve got a very nice BaByliss 2100 Watt ionic hairdryer going for R199,99:

It’s usually R300 so you’re getting R100 off!

I know it’s very nice because I actually bought it earlier on this week after my previous dryer shot out a small yet terrifying flame. (For the record, I’ve also had a fan heater blow a nice fat vlam at my leg… Oooh! And when I was little, my heater blanket’s controller spotaneously combusted, resulting in an evil scorchmark that surged half way across my sheets. Sure had no trouble getting up for school that day…)

I feel ya babe…

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new hairdryer, pop into Clicks. Just make sure you opt for one that’s got a high Wattage. These are more powerful and will dry your hair in a shorter time. If you limit your hair’s exposure to heat this will go a long way in preventing heat damage. That and a rad heat protection spray like ghd’s (which in my opinion is head and shoulders above the rest).

Love, love


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