Mazda introduces it’s CX-5 with Skyactiv technology (review)

So Mazda’s made a zexy new karretjie, the spacious SkyActiv technology-infused CX-5:

It’s dashing good looks were inspired by a cheetah ready to pounce.

As it’s a mid-size SUV, it lets you sit nice and high up off the road so you kind of feel like you’re in a Jeep yet it handles like a mini. I also adore the massive boot space…

…shopping and stashing the bodies of those that pissed you off can now be done with ease…

And I LOVE that it’s got a mirror on both passenger and driver visors:

If you’re a vain girl like moi, obviously that’s one of the most important factors to consider when buying a car.

To promote the launch, they invited a bunch of media peeps to a mystery bash that involved meeting at the Cape Town airport. From there were got teamed up and given our very own CX-5 to test drive on a set route to Franschoek. Jasna, she of Fashion Jazz fame, and I were given le fancy pants top of the line model to drive, the 2,0 L Individual AT. It’s got a touch screen radio and BOSE sound system:

KITT? Is that you?!

Oh! And you don’t need a key to start it; it revs up at the touch of a button.

Awesome, right?

Within minutes we were flying down the highway, speakers blaring Katy Perry, while singing, skinnering and ‘car dancing’. Our roadtrippy fun was brought to an abrupt end, however, when we realised we’d missed the turn off and ended up having to do a U-turn off bloody Chapman’s Peak. Oops! Despite our tres embarrassing little ‘detour’ we eventually got to Delaire Graff estate where the Mazda folks had organised a real live cheetah for us to play with.

Making friends with Joseph.

He was quite the diva in that you couldn’t look him in the eye and had to be seated facing away from us. (This was all in the name of safety, however. Nothing puts a dampener on a media launch quite like a good old-fashioned mauling…) After that, we all got treated to lunch in Delaire Graff restaurant. This is where I had one of the best steaks I’ve had in ages.

See those squishy fish egg-type things on the right? They’re warm tapioca balls and taste a bit like potato.

We then hit the road once more to get to the uber-luxurious African Pride Crystal Towers hotel (just outside Canal Walk) where we were put up for the night. This is where I got learn a bit more about SkyActiv technology which is essentially Mazda’s long term plan to create vehicles that are fun to drive yet more environmentally friendly. Think high performing engines with world-beating compression ratios; surprisingly good fuel economy despite it’s size and a lighter chassis for a better driving experience yet improved crash safety. Another thing I didn’t know about Mazda? In the states, Americans pronounce it as Mahz-da. Kinda like Mars-dah. Totally weird, I know.

After the presentation, we took in a li’l Cirque du Soleil-style light show…


…and then got to run around the hotel playing a laser game. I’m proud to say that our team (which was mostly girls) kicked ass.

What do MEAN you don’t have Crabtree & Evelyn mini toiletries?!

Oooh! And you should’ve seen these Asian tourists… I don’t think the poor things were warned about our little game ‘cos the looked shocked to shizzness upon watching us storm up a staircase wielding massive AK-47-style ‘guns’. Still, upon realising it was a game they thought it was funny, I suppose, ‘cos they kept on taking photos of us (that are probably destined for a Facebook album entitled ‘Told ya! SA is sooo like the most dangerous country ever’) Heheheh…

Anyway, once we’d got our fill o’ murder ‘n death, we headed down to the restaurant for a champagne dinner in the hotel restaurant. (FYI, their steak tartare is divine!) I also loved my slick-looking hotel room:

That TV rises up and down into the foot rest at a touch of a button.

The next day, we drove back to the airport, this time in the entry-level model, the 2,0 L Active which isn’t an automatic but, in my opinion, just as easy to drive as the Individual.

Quite like how this colour (Sky Blue mica) brings out the colour of my eyes…

When I eventually climbed into my own beloved Kia Picanto to drive home, it felt like a cheap plastiek-lined cake tin. Drat. If, unlike me, you aren’t clawing your way through the world on a writer’s salary, consider giving the CX-5 a test drive. You’ll find all the specs on Mazda’s website and an easy to read unbiased review via UK Top Gear over here. Price-wise, the 2,0 L Active (the entry model) is going to set you back R309 900.

Thanks Mazda, I had a blast. You’re all just as fun as the CX-5 is to drive.

Love, love


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  1. You used ‘world-beating compression ratios’ in a sentence. Sjoe! I’m impressed.
    Have no idea what that is but it sounds kickass!!!

    1. It means these piston thing in the engine fire superfast! I think. Or at least that’s what it looked like was happening in the educational video…

    1. Oh! I forgot! ‘Cos only super boring tech-focused nerdboys are going to want to buy the car? No potential soccer mom’s like myself?

    1. Oh wow! Three mean comments from the same IP address. Ian McClaren, why are you bashing my review? Does it upset you that a stupid li’l girl (who’s audience is pretty much the car’s target market) got invited to the launch instead of you?

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