Filorga Hydra-filler pro-youth boosting moisturiser review

I’ve been using Filorga Hydra-filler pro-youth booster for a while now. It aims to boost your skin’s moisture levels; prevent moisture loss by strengthening your skin’s barrier and improve your skin’s collagen production.

Filorga Hydra-filler pro-youth boosting moisturiser, R650 for 50mls.

I really like this cream’s light yet velvety texture and subtle, fresh scent that makes me think of clean sheets. Performance-wise, it gives your skin a super-dose of moisture thanks to two different types of hyaluronic acid; great hydrators that occur naturally in your skin. Both of these help attract moisture and can plump up fine dehydration lines but one of them also helps stimulate the production of collagen. (As we age, we lose collagen which causes our skin to sag. This is why it’s super important to includes collagen-encouraging ingredients in your skin care… if only to avoid looking like a prune before all your girlfriends…)  

Other key ingredients include Revidrat and hydrasalinolol, an extract from a coastal plant that can survive all types of extreme weather conditions. Both help to boost your skin’s barrier to lock in all your newfound moisture.

Initially, I thought this cream would be far too rich for my combination skin but was pleasantly surprised. It adds moisture that penetrates deep down into your skin, not a wallop of oil or grease that hangs around on top. It’s also got a nice, matte silky-feeling finish, making it a fabulous base for foundation. And yes, it definitely does plump up fine dehydration lines. On days when I wake up looking all shrivelled and droog, applying this guy is a regte treat ‘cos within minutes my skin looks ‘lush’ and refreshed.

The only negatives? It doesn’t contain an SPF and applying one on top of it is a schlep. I also wish it was packaged in a pump as opposed to a jar. Hygiene aside, I’m not sure if the ingredients will remain stable in the face of repeated exposed to air. The jar itself is also very ‘medical’ looking and my boyfriend first mistook it for a container for a dental plate! 

Still, when this runs out, if I’m having a ‘good money’ month I may well replace it. At R650 a pop it’s not cheap, but I’m yet to find a cheaper alternative; something else that offers deep hydration sans ‘oilies’ while boosting collagen. This makes it my new favourite ‘winter’ moisturiser. I plan to wear at night or on days where I’m housebound (to get around the pesky SPF issue) along with a retinol serum to fend off wrinkles.

If you want to try it yourself, you’ll find Filorga goodies at selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

Love, love


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