Nine West Love Fury EDP review

So Nine West now has its own fragrance; Love Fury eau de parfum: 

Nine West Love Fury EDP, 50ml for R595.
When I first laid eyes on the bottle I didn’t quite get what they were going for and my initial thought was ‘Oh! It looks like Edward Gorey’s The Doubtful Guest!’… 

The Doubtful Guest is a dubious penguin-type thing that rocks up a macabre Victorian mansion and refuses to leave.

Eventually I realised they were inspired by the heel of a shoe! Oops… Anyway… the scent is a fruity floral that’s meant to act as a mysterious, sexy ‘weapon of attraction’… much like a sky high Nine West stiletto. 

Dunno about you, but I'd merrily kill (with a stiletto through the heart) to have legs like this girl...
Notes-wise, you’re looking at rosebud, mimosa, mandarin and red berries resting on a heart of tiare flower, jasmine and sandalwood. The base is a light mix of orris flower, musk, wood and amber.

Personally, I liked the fresh, citrusy top notes; they give the scent an easy, breezy sparkle. As the dry down’s rather light, you can easily wear it in the day. I don’t, however, get the ‘mysterious, sexy’ bit. To me, a ‘sexy scent’ is a bit more heavy on the musk or has some kind of ‘boudoir’ element to it… think Narciso Rodriguez, Tom Ford Black Orchid or good ole’ Gucci Rush. Also, with a name like ‘Love Fury’, I was expecting something a little bit ‘loud’, kinda like Victor & Rolf’s Flower Bomb. Instead, Love Fury’s more of a subtle, almost casual type of scent that’s, if anything, more romantic than sensual.

The friends that I spritzed it on agreed. They didn’t get the ‘sexy’ bit and thought it was more of a spritz and go, day time type of scent… something you’d wear to go shopping and sushi-ing with your girlfriends. One who really liked it compared it to Marc Jacobs Daisy and another who didn’t said it was was ‘too floral’ and made her think of ‘body spray’. The friend who liked it best, however, said it was ‘perfectly balanced’, ‘ultra feminine’ and ‘cleverly packaged’. She also liked that it wasn’t too sweet or heavy and ‘just the type of thing you’d wear when you wanted to feel confident and pretty… like for an interview or something’.

Want to give Love Fury a sniff yourself? You’ll find it Edgars, Truworths, Woolworths, Foschini, Milady’s and Stuttafords. If you buy it now, it’ll come with a free gift; a gold-sequinned Nine West tote:

Mooi, ne?

If you want it, you’d better hurry; it’s only available while stocks last.

Love, love


One thought on “Nine West Love Fury EDP review

  1. I saw the bag at Canal Walk. It’s nice and big. Going to go back and get this over the weekend. Hope the bag is still there!

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