Indulgent little spa day at Skin & Body Renewal in Cape Town

A little while back I was given a voucher entitling me to an indulgent little spa session at Skin & Body Renewal in the new Cape Quarter. (I know, I know… it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta… OUCH! Who threw that rock at my head?!)

So ja… let’s move on from the fact that you all hate my guts and let me tell you all about the spa…  It offers a huge array of treatments; from basic facials, massages and manis all the way through to fancy pants laser therapies, peels and injectables. Other pluses? Despite the fact that it’s one of the slickest-looking, chicest little spas I’ve ever been in, all the therapists are super-friendly as well as extremely knowledgable.

Gorgeous, right?!

To kick off my avie, I was given a delish strawberry yoghurt smoothie along with my spa slippers and gown.

Cheers, bietse!

Treatment-wise, I opted for a back, neck and head massage (R250 for 30 mins, excluding the head) along with a deluxe mani and pedi (R220 and R250 respectively) plus a facial to boot. Spoilt, ne?

This was my lovely therapist Dourina:

She’s got the most insanely gorgeous set of eyelashes, so black and full and thick that I immediately asked her what mascara she was wearing and as it turned out, she didn’t have any on!

Anyway, I can’t tell you much about my massage ‘cos within ten minutes or so I’d fallen fast asleep! Seriously. This is the first time I’ve ever had a massage that actually conked me out and I consider it a testament to its awesomeness. One minute I was mentally working through a ‘to do’ list and the next I was riding unicorns through an enchanted snowscape.

Seriously; if I get to heaven and it doesn't look like this, I'm going to be sooo pissed off...

When it came to nails, the spa’s got a small selection of OPI colours for you to choose from. I opted for a bright coral on my toes, but kind of regretted not choosing the more ‘edgy’, ‘fun’ lilac-y shade that Dourina initially suggested. That’s why I decided to slap it on on my fingernails:

OPI's 'Do You Lilac It?'

I was initially sooo embarrassed to show Dourina the state of my nails on arrival as I’d been wearing a super dark red shade without a base coat (I know, I know… I should know better…) and it stained the living shizz out of them. Fortunately, she didn’t blink and managed to buff them back to gorgeousness without thinning them out. I also loved that the deluxe version of both nail treatments included exfoliating scrubs and massages!

When we moved on to the facial, things got kind of interesting in that I was supposed to have a Dermalogica Multivitamin facial (R450). However, as my skin’s quite oily, Dourina suggested we do a quick ‘peel’ using one of the brand’s salicylic acid- (BHA) and lactic acid- (an AHA) infused professional treatments. This is a super mild chemical exfoliation and nothing like the hard guns glycolic acid (AHA) peels I’ve had in the past. Still, my skin decided to freak out and certain areas turned a dashing shade of lobster. This scared the shizz out of poor Dourina who then proceeded to slather me in an array of super soothing treatments, including a Nimue Super Hydrating Mask.  

Nimue's Super Hydrating Mask, R356. I can't find an ingredients list online, but I rather liked it.
Anyway, by the time I’d driven home, my skin was as right as rain and there wasn’t a blotch in sight. The best bit? Once I washed off the mask (it’s see-thru, don’t worry, I didn’t have to drive home looking like a knob), it looked and felt ridiculously smooth and felt like a baby’s bum! In fact, I waaay preferred the results of this little guy more than any other ‘peel’/exfoliation treatment I’ve had in the past. So ja… a nice little surprise there…

In all, my spa day at Skin & Body Renewal was simply divine. I was pampered like a princess and loved being in such opulent, lavish-looking surroundings. (Dr. Maureen Allem, one of the clinic’s aestheticians actually did all the decor herself which is super impressive. Looking at the spot would convince you they’d hired some kind of outside interior decor specialist…)

Thanks Skin & Body (and especially Dourina), you guys totally rock!

Love, love


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3 thoughts on “Indulgent little spa day at Skin & Body Renewal in Cape Town

  1. “Do you lilac it?” is my favourite OPI nail polish colour. I went into 4 shops and 3 salons looking for it… then finally out of desperation asked a salon to please order it for me. its gorgeous – and it suits ALL skin tones. Great choice

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