Naturalemente organic hair treatment review

My friend Nickle Pickle is always gaaning aan about her rad eco-friendly hairdresser, Jason. He uses a certified organic range called Naturalmente (you pronounce it NATURAL-MEN-TAY) that hails all the way from Italy. Their products are 100% natural and use pure aromatherapy oils cultivated from plants that are free of pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers. Also, their goodies don’t contain any formaldehyde, parabens, sodium sauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate (SLS). 

Nix eventually put me in touch with Jason who kindly offered to hook me up with a Naturalmente hair treatment.

Jason Pead: hairdresser/eco-warrior/Naturelmente enthusiast/all round sweetheart...

After checking out my hair, he decided to use Naturelmente’s Elements range on me, specifically their Terra (Earth) products that are best for dry, damaged or chemically processed hair as my fine hair gets put through the ringer with regular highlights. (The Elements range also includes Air, Fire and Water products to treat dry scalp, sensitive scalp and oily scalp respectively).  

To begin, he cleansed my hair using protein-rich Naturalmente Elements Earth shampoo which smelled DIVINE; its got a gorgeous, fresh herbaceous scent with lots of cinnamon. It kinda made me feel like he was washing my hair with an earthy egg nog! 

Elements Earth shampoo, R225 for 250ml

Next, he massaged Naturalmente’s Balsamic mask into my scalp and had me sit in a towel for 20 minutes. This mask isn’t an ‘aesthetic’ one in that it doesn’t add shine or gloss to your locks. Instead it nourishes and calms your scalp while adding protein.

Naturalemente Balsamic mask, R254 for 250ml

Once that had worked its magic he washed it out and applied the finishing; a Naturalmente Elements Earth ampoule.  This is a leave-in treatment full of essential oils like orange, cinnamon, lavender, eucalyptus, ylang ylang and patchouli.

The Earth ampoule is second from the right. You can buy a box of 6 for R429 and use them once a week or over 6 consecutive days as an intensive treatment.

Again it smelled killer good; that same earthy, spicy, sexy man smell. Still, I worried that leaving an oil on baby fine, grease prone locks would leave me looking like an oil slick, but surprise surprise, the end result was shiny (amazing-smelling) hair that was light, bouncy and full of body. (Also, combing it out when it was wet was a total dream…)

Jason says he only ever uses Naturalmente products on his own hair and has noticed that it’s now thicker-looking. He also says it’s helped balance his scalp as he can now go longer between washes. He reckons this is because Naturelmente products have a perfect pH balance of 5,6 while other SLS-riddled shampoos and conditioners can knock your scalp’s pH up into the 11 zone – and this can lead to all kinds of drama… things like dandruff, sensitivity and hair loss.

As for me, for the rest of the day I couldn’t stop grabbing at my hair and wrapping it around my face and breathing in its gorgeous smell. I was very sad to have to wash it out the next day, but thrilled to discover my pillow still held a bit of the scent when I hit the sack that night.

Thank you Jason, I can totally see why you’re so passionate about Naturelmente products, they’re truly fabulous.

Girls – if you want to get hold of Naturelmente products yourself, you’ll find a list of stockists over here. If you want to chat to Jason (he can tell you anything you wish to know about the range as he’s the importer and supplier) you can give him a shout at Renergize Bio Spa in Plumstead where he works on (021) 7978246.   

Love, love


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