Drinky-poos with Dermalogica and Longevity. Keen to join?

When I was little and teachers used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I didn’t hesitate in answering ‘Miss South Africa’. I totally thought it was a regte, egte occupation and that once you’d won, you’d kinda become the Queen of SA and get to reign supreme in gowns and crowns until you died (v. glamorously) on a four-poster bed in a double story house (the height of awesomeness for an eight year old.) As I grew up, the reality of the situation became a little clearer and I settled for less lofty goals… like learning how to make beachy-looking waves with my ghd…

Anyway, on the 9th of this month I’m going to get to schmingle with my childhood heroes, former Miss SA’s like Amy Kleinhans and Kerishnie Naicker, at the Longevity mag/Dermalogica Beauty Through the Ages charity cocktail event at the glamtastical Table Bay hotel at the V&A.

Nineteen years since nabbing the crown and Amy's still a hottie. Respect.

For R220, you’ll get to knock back a few cocktails, indulge in delish canapes and enjoy a talk from various former local beauty queens that range from in those in their 20’s to their 60’s. Better yet, the proceeds go to Dermalogica’s FITE foundation, a charity that gives micro loans to women in need to help them set up their own businesses. Then, when they pay it back, they re-invest it in the initiative.

If you buy FITE-branded Dermalogica products you can help contribute to the cause.

So, let’s have a little recap, shall we?

What: Longevity/Dermalogica Beauty Through the Ages charity cocktail bash
Where: Table Bay Hotel
When: 9th of November, 6pm
Cost: R220 (all proceeds will be donated to Dermalogica’s FITE)

To  snap up a ticket, call Sylvia on (011) 784 8112 or e-mail admin@zebrasquare.co.za

According to Jill Groger, the PR who’s helping to organise the bash, the goodie bags are ‘set to thrill’. (Woop, woop!)

See you there girls,


X x x

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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