Ray-Ban Never Hide party

Sjoe! I found my camera! (Or, to be more accurate, my friend Jax found it rolling around in her handbag). I reckon she must’ve stuck it in there for safekeeping after I blacked out took a power nap on the table towards the end of Mark’s birthday bash on Friday. Thanks Jax!

Anyway, let me tell you about the Ray-Ban jol… the other night Karis Piss and I popped into the Bijou theatre in Obz where the brand was holding a li’l partytjie to celebrate the launch of their Never Hide campaign and Playlist CD. The latter is a little somethin’ somethin’ that Ray-Ban put together in collaboration with local musos like The Dirty Skirts, aKING and JR. Naturally, the place was totally packed so we had to park a zillion miles away, but it was still totally worth the trek ‘cos, as it turned out, they had an open bar.

After picking up ice cold Amstel’s and weaving our way through hipsterville (you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a checked shirt or ironically hideous hat/hair cut), we positioned ourselves near the front of the stage to watch these guys:

I suspect these okes are aKING, but could be wrong. I LOVE Ray-Ban, but am utterly kak when it comes to most local music. I attribute this secret shame to the fact that I've only very recently acquired a car that boasts a radio.

In the background, a big screen featured images of the Playlist musos in shots that showed them creating and posing with Ray-Ban sunnie’s that they’d customised. 

Are Jack Parow's shades inspired by emmental?

Aside le drinky-poohs and skouspel, there was also plenty of free food; the nice, greasy kind that you like to scoff after a late night of boozing it up. Think slap chips, chilli bites and samoosas with onion jam. 

When I annoy you with tweets like 'I just ran 3ks in 25 mins' I'm really saying 'I've almost rid my ass of those killer-good Ray-Ban samoosas...'

A rumour was running rife through the crowd about some girl who’d snagged a bunch of greasy hamburger-type things and dropped them into her handbag. I’m proud to say, for once, that this wasn’t me. 

The last band we caught turned out to be Lark. I’d heard of them, but not their music and, as it turns out, its pretty good. Totally weird (think shrieky lyrics and body-rocking beats), but kinda awesome too. Reckon their frontwoman Inge Beckmann is completely mental, but in the best way ever.

Inge owning the room.

While the bands did their thing, guests got to take snaps in the Ray-Ban Never Hide booth. Check it out:

That's actually Karisa's guitar. She brought it from home. Really. That's so00 not a lie...
...and that mic is, like, always rolling around in the bottom of my handbag.

Other peeps in the crowd included Tori, she of Kiss, Blush and Tell.

Tori, I actually wish I'd nabbed a shot of your not so little boet; he's beyond hot. Woulda made great Monday Mancandy...

 My old Women24 friend Lili was also there. She’s married to Charles from the Wedding DJs, just so you know:

KP and Charles.

I would’ve liked to have stayed a leetle longer, but I’d made a tres unfortunate footwear choice. You know how when you dig out a pair of heels in the cupboard and go ‘Oh! I haven’t worn these in ages? And they’re so pretty! I wonder why?’ Then, two hours later you’re like ‘Sweet Jesus, get these sling-backs o’ Satan off of me…’ In fact, my feet hurt so much (think needles shooting up from the ball of your feet all the way up your shins) that I rukked them off and limped all the way back to my car barefoot. (Karisa was sooo unimpressed and kept yelling at me; ‘What the FUCK are you doing? You DON’T walk barefoot on a street like this! You’re going to stand on a broken meth bottle and DIE!’)

My shoes o' death: pretty like a puma, but double the deadly...

Fortunately, I made it to the car sans drug parephenalia-induced foot dramz and then pissed K off even further by refusing to drive away until I’d managed to rip open the Ray-Ban Never Hide Playlist CD we’d been given on the way out. The bloody thing had been shrink wrapped in plastic and removing it was almost impossible. After I had a good go of attempting to shred it with my car keys/seat belt hook-thing, K ripped at it with her teeth before producing a particularly sharp key ring that finally did the trick. Sjoe. Naturally, this made it all the more satisfying to be able to listen to song number four, Lark’s Afflatus, at full blast (and on repeat) all the way home. 

Ray-Ban's Never Hide Playlist CD. You can get a free copy ig you buy a pair of Ray-Bans.

Thanks Ray-Ban (and Liquid Lingo, the PR co that helped throw the bash), this was a rocking night out.



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