Erborian BB Creme review

Right now the beauty world’s a’buzzing in regard to BB creams, the hot new make-up multi-tasker. A v. big deal in the East, BB stands for blemish balm, but it’s not a zit-zapper. Essentially, a BB cream is a multi-use product that aims to be a moisturiser, sun block, primer and foundation all in one.

A few brands jumping on the BB cream bandwagon include Kanebo, MAC, Lancome, Maybelline and Garnier – not all available in SA though, just so you know. The only one I’ve gotten to try is from erborian (yip, its supposed to have a lowercase ‘e’), a new skincare brand that’s just hit SA shores. (FYI, erborian is the beauty brainchild of a Korean scientist and French marketer. It’s focus is on using energising and detoxifying herbs to help boost your micro-circulation which is turn, they reckon, will revitalize your skin and help turn back the hands of time.)

Erborian BB Creme au gingseng, R339,95, promises to ‘transform your skin with velvety, ultra-soft, spotless finish’. It contains an SPF of 25 and a high concentration of ‘longevity herbs’ (no clue what they are, but its safe to assume that one is energising ginseng) and can be used to both with or without your regular moisturiser.

Erborian BB creme - the Korean 3-in-1 with an SPF that kicks seriyas butt!

Alas, the shade I was given was a tad too light for my complexion, but I wanted to see how it ‘wore’ so I used it nevertheless and hung out at home where my ashy, slightly vampiric-looking gesig couldn’t scare anyone save for my boyfriend.

Initially I tried to apply it by itself, but found it didn’t blend well enough on its own so I put it on over my regular moisturiser. I liked that it felt nice and light on my skin – as though I was wearing nothing. If it was a colour match, it would certainly have been able to ‘even out’ or ‘unify’ my complexion, but I wouldn’t go as far as rely on it to conceal blemishes or dark under eye circles – I’d still want to whip out my concealer. As far as mattifying goes, it did have a nice, sheer ‘velvety’ finish, but I still had to apply a bit of blotting powder throughout the day as my forehead is a veritable grease factory. Still, we’ve to remember that my own moisturiser was hanging out underneath it – perhaps if I hadn’t used that I’d have seem more of mattifying effect. Something else I liked? It had a refreshing floral scent that lingered for a bit. Some people don’t like fragranced skincare products, but I’m not one of them – I love a little sensory pick-me-up when I’m putting on my night cream or moisturising my hands. Lastly, I LOVE that its got such a high SPF. (The Korean’s don’t mess about when it comes to sunscreen as they’re big into skin whitening and brightening and know that the sun is the primary cause of pigmentation.) 

Anyway, like I said this unfortunately wasn’t my colour, so I passed it on to a lighter skinned friend, Pen. Not too sure if she’s used it yet, but I’ll find out and let you know her thoughts.

Aside from BB cream, erborian make a few other skin care items, goodies like this gorgeously packaged and yummy-sounding herb and vitamin-enriched daily moisturiser, Yuzu Sorbet, R439,95:

How cute is the little spoon/spatula it comes with? Looks good enough to eat - and I'm just about doff enough to try it...

To find out more about erborian, pay a visit to their website. To check ’em out in person, pop into selected Edgars stores. (I’ve spotted them at the Waterfront store, chilling about behind those uber-dodge-looking Dr. Rey products…)

Love, love



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