I give unto thee Mr. Fitness SA!

If you’re a Lipgloss regular, you’ll be familiar with zexy Jeff…
Three times more self-tan than white linen can handle? Talk about living on the edge...

Above is one of the tamer, more publishable shots from our impromptu attention-seeking photo shoot from the Peroni yacht party earlier this year. I’m particularly fond of that snap ‘cos it looks like him and KP are having this serious, like totally intimate moment and then there’s moi, busting in from the side like some fame-whoring, scene-ruining limpit, all ‘Check out my spray tan bitches!’ Heheheh…

Anyhoo, I’m v. v. proud of Jeff… dude just won Mr. Fitness SA (and is v. quick to add ‘for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW’.) So, I give unto thee my darling Jeffickle in all his ripped-to-the-tits glory:

Mwhahahah! Ken doll aint got nothing on me, bitches!

I slapped this piccie up of him on twitter the other night and then read out all the ‘hoo baby!’ responses I got to him at the dinner table. (He turned a dashing shade of pink…)



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