Men’s Health Menswear Collection fashion show 2011

Aside from lip-gloss, shoes and Toffiffee, its no secret that I’m a big fan of Hot Zexy Boys. This is why I’m so glad I live in Slaapstad ‘cos I reckon we’ve got them in spades. I’m also thrilled that our local male talent also happen to be Seriously Nice Guys. Really. I’ve had to interview loads of them along the way and have always been struck by their adorbsville loveliness… okay, except for that one Cosmo calender douche that I’m far too professional to mention. Still, I can tell you that our convo ran like this:

Me: So, what do you look for in a girl?
Douche: She has to be, like, really, really good looking.
Me: Oh. Okay. So, um, what about a sparkling personality? Or a witty sense of hunour? (Give me something to work with here…)
Douche: (deadpan) Big tits would be a total plus. And she’s got to laugh at everything I say.
Me: Right…

But I digress… Last night I attended the Men’s Health Menswear Collection fashion show (driven by the new VW Jetta – more on that later) that was held at The Lookout near the V&A.

Men's Health ed, Jason Brown, (who's quite a hottie himself) welcomes the crowd.

This was one of the most fabulous events I’ve been to in ages ‘cos it was a veritable Hot Boy Fiesta and no expense was spared to enhance le awesomeness. For example, they didn’t hand you a cocktail at the door and then steer you in the direction of the wallet-crunching cash bar. Oh no… it was on the house all night! (Woop, woop!) And then there were the lamb spring rolls. Jissus. If I didn’t need laser lipo earlier, I’m sooo gonna have to maak n plan now

But ja… lets get back to the event, shall we?

I spent most of my time knocking back Cosmo’s with Jasna AKA as Fashion Jazz, Kelly Parkhurt and her writer/director boyf Grant Paul Roy.

Love Jasna's outfit? The whole get up's from A-list boutique in Loop Street.
Her feather and diamante necklace was especially fab.
Grant and Kelly being even more adorable than usual.

Other interesting peeps in the glam-looking crowd included local fashionistas, magazine industry folk and local personalities like 2Oceansvibe Radio DJ Richard Hardiman and comedian Paul Snodgrass.

Richard and Snoddie being evil.

I spent a fair amount of time drunkenly attempting to convince Richard to give ModelCo One Night Tan a bash ‘cos it was ‘the kiffest thing ever’ and ‘smelled like caramel’. To his credit, he listened politely and resisted clubbing me with beer bottle. As for Snoddie, he’s also gone and got himself a show on 2Oceans, something called The Bro Show. ‘It involves talking shizz with my friends and hot girls in bikinis’, he says. Clearly he’s living the dream…

Anyway, before I knew it, it was time to gather round and watch the show. Brands that swaggered down the ramp included a nice mix of fancy shizz like Pringle, French Connection and Diesel as well as easily accessable stuff like Edgars’ JX and Woolies’ Studio.w. 

The boys strut their stuff. And yip, that's Aidan Bennetts semi-nekkid once more. (Pic courtesy of KL PR).

Having taken it all in, I can tell you that checkered shirts with rolled up sleeves teamed with knee-length  kortbroek is going to be a big, big look for summer. Still, I struggled to focus 100% on the clothes ‘cos half the okes were missing shirts, displaying the kind of abs that might make grown woman consider putting up with a boy who’s main priority is laughing at everything you say…

After the show, I was chatting to Kitty Spencer and asked her which of the boys would be happy to whip off their shirt for a piccie and she didn’t hesitate to suggest soccer star Ryan Botha. Apparently he’s ‘not shy’and too nice to say no. (Bless!) Aannnd, as it turned out, his ridiculously good-looking friends weren’t shy either… Thus, I bring you this li’l piece o’ radness to add to that awesome Friday Feeling:

Jason, Ryan and another hottie who's name I didn't get. You're welcome...

Right now, Ryan says he’s quite busy coaching young ‘uns in Jozi. So far it’s going well and he’ll soon be looking to expand his training camps to Cape Town and Durbs. (So ja, I’m not talking kak when I tell you how lovely our local hotties are. Dude’s sweeter than the caramel vodka shots they were handing out all night…) As for Jason, he’s a diving intructor with Into the Blue Scuba Dive Centre here in Cape Town. I just took a sneaky peek at the website and see it says that he’s known for his ‘patience’ and ‘excellent teaching skills’ which make him a ‘very sought after instructor’. I’m quite sure that the fact that he’s built like a Greek God have very little do with it…

Other hot model boys on the scene included Jovan, Edward and Gareth:

These boy's say their fave fashion trends for summer are on-the-knee shorts and deep V tees, just so you know...

Still, as fab as Gareth makes his clothes look, I think I prefer him out of them:

Good God! Dude looks like an extra for 300!

Another tres divine model boy is darling, darling Peet.

Perfect-teeth Peet! Love this boy!

I kept on looking at him on the ramp and was like ‘I know this boy from somewhere… he looks so familiar…’ and then it hit me! PEET! The other day I did a couple of beauty stories for YOU/Huisgenoot and this involved a photo shoot. I’ve been on loads of shoots before, but never as the main co-ordinator/person who really  has to ensure it doesn’t turn out kak so I was totally stressed out. Upon meeting Peet, who was the photographer, I was all ‘OMGI’msooofrikkennervouspleasehelpmeamidoingthisrightOMGOMG’ and stopped short of wrapping myself around his leg and sticking my head in his pocket. Merrily, he was so nice and kind and sweet and knew exactly what he was doing. Can tell you right now, this oke is one of the nicest modelle seuns to walk the earth.

After indulging in a wickedly good creme brulee, Mark and I (Mark’s my standard rent-a-date for ‘guy-ish’ functions… my darling boyf is outta town and would sooner shoot himself in the face than ‘schmingle’) made for the door, but not before being gifted with one of the best goodie bags I’ve received in yonks. Like for realzy:

This puppy included a the latest cop of Men's Health, a Pringle sakkie, Brooksfield shirt, Calvin Klein trunks, Adidas fragrance, Nivea for Men goodies, Kerastase hair treatment, Lindt slab and a R100 voucher from Old Khaki. Sjoe!

A massive thanks to Rikki from KL PR, the company that put the bash together. This was one seriously slick, super-spoilicious event and I’m sooo glad I came. You rock biets!



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