Awesome beauty goodies coming into Clicks

The other day I got invited to Clicks’ spring beauty launch. I just looove going to Clicks functions ‘cos they always put out an awesome spread (think mini cupcakes and smoked salmon sarmies) and send you home with a regte sak of beauty booty. Seriously. Like they literally filled a Revlon beach bag with enough spoilage to ensure I never have to buy a hand cream/body lotion/shampoo again and even threw in a bloody BaByliss hair straightner! (Thanks Cisca, you rock!)

But ja… getting down to the goodies… Clicks has some v. cool new brands coming in towards the end of this month, stuff like NYX, a v. affordable make-up line that’s priced similarly to Rimmel, if not less. The best bit, however, is that despite being easy on your wallet, the goods aren’t cheap n’ nasty. Go check out to see the rave reviews…

NYX Doll Eye mascara, not to be confused with Lancome Doll Eyes mascara, is rated 4 out of 5 by over 200 chicas on MUA. Impressive shizz.

Other new lines include Accessorize’s prettily packaged make-up line…

Those cutsey Benefit-esque boxes are li'l blushes and the last word in mooi...

Good Things (a delish-smelling superfruit-inspired range for young skin)…

Good Things Stay Clear purifying cleanser, R54,99, smells like a Kauai smoothie!

… and Dirty Works, a bath and body range with gorgeous Soap & Glory-esque retro packaging:

Dirty Works Think of England bath soak, R34,99. Reckon these will make lovely stocking fillers.

The new beauty tool I’m most excited about, however, is Toni&Guys’s new Deep Barrel Waver:

Looks hideous, performs beautifully...

This baby is the easiest way to create sexy-looking waves like those bietse on the Victoria’s Secret website. Currently, I’m using a plain ol’ curling tong to create my own and despite being shown a zillion times, I cannot master the ‘ghd wave’. Would LOVE this guy in my hair artillary ‘cos it can sort you out with waves simply by being clamped over a section of your hair and being pulled through to the end. Awesomeness! Alas, the press release doesn’t include the price, but I’ll find out and update this post the mo I know. Still, it could be a grand and I’d merrily cough it up…

Thanks Clicks, I loved my sneaky peek and am having a blast working my way though le beauty sak. Am going to plak up a few reviews regarding what I like best as I go along.

Love, love


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