Shhh… Ava Secrets!

The other day I was sent a press release regarding Ava Secrets, a new-ish brand of tampons packaged in a cutesy little tin. ‘Don’t you wanna put this on your blog?’, asked the darling PR peep. Er… no, not really… Thing is, despite the fact that my blog is intended for my girlies, I’ve garnered a fair amount of male readers. And I know they’re not going to appreciate ‘period talk’.

Still, as it turns out, Ava Secrets’ PR gal is super-persistant and she sent me a couple of the tins regardless ‘cos she knew that if I just SAW them, I’d be won over by their adorableness. My posting about them has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that she also sent me two ridiculously awesome new ModelCo self-tan products that only hit the shelves in September… (Hee hee hee…)

Now take a look at these tins:

Ag soet man. Availble in small, medium or large, you'd think they contained jelly beans, not tampons.

Something else I like about them? As the tins are super-lightweight, you can pop one in your handsak and carry it around with you. (This totally puts an end to scratching around the bottom of your bag for a ‘loosie’. And look how sweet it looks on my bathroom shelf, nestling amongst all my boy’s mansegoed:

No, of course I didn't style this shot. My bathroom shelves are always picture perfect...

Love that my dear old Snoek doesn’t have to deal with a nasty torn cardboard tampon box spewing that horrible insert thing with all its creeptastic diagrams of le cervix. Poor thing…

Anyway, Ava Secrets was one of those things I really didn’t think I needed, but now that I’ve got a couple of them, I’m thrilled… or at least as chuffed as you can be in regards to tampons… They super cute and totally handy. Next time you’re in Clicks, check ’em out. Prices start at R16,99 for a mini tin of 8.

Love,  love


X x x 


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