Makeupalley awesomeness

If you’re a die hard lip gloss addict like me, you’ll know about Aside from being a great spot to find cosmetic reviews from seriyas beauty diehards, it also helps facilitate make-up swapping.

To swap, all you need to do is create a list of all the make-up goodies you own, but don’t want any more… (think the blush that looked awesome in the pan, but kak on your face… or the moisturiser that turned out to be too rich for your skin…) You can then search the lists of zillions of other chicas across the globe and send them requests, saying ‘Hey! I really want your Lancome Juicy Tube in Violette. Do you spot anything on my list you’d want in exchange?’

That’s pretty much my last swap in a nutshell. I got hold of Natasa in Romania and requested the aforementioned Juicy Tubes. (I’ve been using that particular one since college and just one sniff of it takes me back to a time when Steers still did Lime milkshakes; my dad paid for my car insurance and you could bounce R2 coins off my ass…)

In exchange, Nat wanted a Christian Dior lippie of mine that just wasn’t lovin’ my skin tone. So I packaged it up and sent it off  to Alexandra, Romania. (Yip, I have no idea where that really is either…) A few days later, my pakkie arrived in the mail – with extras! Check it out:

Aside from my beloved Juicy Tubes, I got spoiled with samples from Head & Shoulder, Nivea, Nuxe and some organic brand I've never heard of. Used the restorative, keratin-enriched Nivea sham and con this morning and it's lovely.

I love that most of us on MAU always include little extras in our swap packages. It’s not expected, but always appreciated. (One of my staple extras, aside from mini perfume samples,  is Jelly Tots… peeps are always impressed with those guys…)

Anyway, if you’ve got waaay too much make-up and would like to make a plan, perhaps consider swapping. Getting fun packages in the mail is always one of the highlights of my week.

Love, love


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