Dranged Lifestyle party

My mate Jeff has started up his own fashion label called Dranged Lifestyle, an ‘urban streetwear and active lifestyle’ brand. The clothes are ‘styled to show off the male and female physique to the max’, something Jeff would know all about ‘cos, as a former Mr Fitness finalist, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to rip off his shirt. (Or maybe that’s ‘cos whenever I see him I’m a bit dronk and tend to pull it off for him…)
Jeff brings the hotness, Baywatch-style, to last year's Heat calendar.

Anyhoo, he threw a Dranged partytjie the other night at Blakes Lounge & Bar, which is just up the road from my house. I decided to pop in for a bit as I was promised a free T-shirt and booze to show my support for the brand. 😉

Must say, I’m v. glad I dragged myself off le couch and braved the hideously kak weather ‘cos the party was loads of fun and jam-packed – wall-to-wall – with inappropriately young hotties. My UK bestie, Smethie, will attest to the super-funness of being picked up by a Jensen Ackles lookalike who’s too young to remember the Thundercats…

The night started off civil enough…

Moi, Sam (my soon to be plastic surgeon friend who's going to suck the fat off my ankles...), UK Bestie Smethie and darling Karis Piss.

…but soon devolved into utter Dranged-ness…

I'm assuming Jeff isn't looking at the camera 'cos there was a mirror behind the bar....

Must say, these Dranged t-shirts, R259 each, are actually pretty awesome. The fabric is a stretchy, supersoft cotton that feels fab against your skin. Just the kinda top I’d wear to suck up all the attention at gym… (‘cos, like, who goes there to actually exercise?)

Entertainment-wise, DJ Surge was tearing up the decks.

Dude’s a serious sweetheart and, as it turns out, like, a v. big deal on the international club scene… (‘Cos I’m semi-old and not really down with the kids I didn’t realise this I just thought he was one of Jeff’s mates who knew a thing or two about mixing liedjies into one another… Oops!) He’s got a new song that’s going to be coming out soon. It’s sounds pretty cool and is called Remember the Rain. (I remember this ‘cos he played it for me off his cell phone… outside… in the freezing rain… ) Promise to turn it up and scream ‘Oooh, I met this dude! We have drunken piccies together!’ when I eventually hear it on 5fm… )

Radio and TV personality Omesh Authar was also there… (See, I got your name right this time!) He took great delight in having successfully nicked a bottle of caramel-flavoured vodka from the bar which is just as disgusting as it sounds… I spent much of my time in the bathroom trying to rinse it out of my hair as he’d tried to pour it down my throat and missed. Still, I got my revenge and it was sweet… sickly caramel sweet… ;-P

Bottoms up, bitch face!

Thanks for a fun evening okes! You guys know how to party.

X x x

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