TLC Deep Cleanse 3 in 1 make-up remover facial wipes

The other day I got sent a little pakkie from the girls at Freebees PR. It included a Nutriwomen Anti-aging Skin Therapy cream (which I’m busy test driving) and TLC Deep Cleanse 3 in 1 make-up remover facial wipes.

TLC Deep Cleanse 3 in 1 make-up remover facial wipes
See the nifty 'seal'?

I like this because I can open and close the wipes with ease and don’t have to worry about them drying out. (I’ve used other wipes before that just open and close via a sticky-tape like seal. Once you’ve opened and closed them a few times, the seal loses it’s ‘tackiness’, refuses to close and then your wipes dry out, rendering them v. expensive tissues).

I gotta say, when these guy’s arrived I was like ‘yip, they look nice and all, but I’m quite sure they won’t replace my beloved J&J Baby wipes…’ I’ve been using those for years and am obsessed with the scent of the lavender ones, which really don’t smell like your gran’s lavender at all. They’ve got more of a bergamot-type of fragrance…

Now, however, havingย used something that’s dedicated to your face (as opposed to a baby’s bum), I can definitely see the plus side. The wipes contain soothing chamomile extra and nourishing pro-vitamin B5 and remove mascara with ease. Also, thanks to the inclusion of a bit of lanolin oil, they leave your skin feeling just a little bit moist. (Definitely not oily though – if it did I’d run a mile… I’m always battling the ‘oilies’…)

I also LOVE the smell. It’s just as delish as Johnson’s in that it’sย fabulously fresh and clean with just a hint of sweetness, kinda like baby shampoo.

Will I toss these in my trolley next time I spot them? Totally. And at R42,99 for a pack of 60, it’s a total steal.

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