Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot review

Last Monday was pretty bleak… I still felt hideous from an evil flu, had to get up the ass crack o’ dawn to sign off the insert from hell and was drowning in a backlog of time sheets… so you can imagine how awesome it was to get an e-mail from the front desk informing me that a little somethin’ somethin’ had arrived for me…

Behold Elizabeth Arden’s newest fragrance, Pretty Hot.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot, R395,00 for 50ml.

Described by Arden as ‘mesmerizing, fearless and sultry’, Pretty Hot is intended as the ‘sexier’ flanker to Arden’s Pretty, ‘a spririted floral fragrance of exceptional charm’. While the Pretty gal was a sweet, young wit rokkie-clad thing who sat around eating petit fours, the Pretty Hot girl wears red lippie and a sultry stare.

What do you mean 'are you wearing that for realzy?! I ALWAYS hit up Pick and Pay in lace and tulle!'

Still, Pretty Hot, isn’t ‘crazy sexy…’ Sure, it’s definitely more sensual-smelling than Pretty, but it doesn’t ooze ‘hey baby, let’s get it on up against this wall’ a la Tom Ford Black Orchid… It’s allure is more subtle and, dare I say it, quite innocuous.

Notes-wise, you’re looking at red current, blood orange, juicy mandarin, freesia and red apple up on top. The heart contains Belle de Nuit, (a rare, tropical flower that only blooms at night) and the base includes amber, patchouli, sandalwood and Cosmone, a type of musk.

Sounds good, right? Still, it’s hard to look at a list of goodies and get an idea as to what it smells like, so let me give you my two cents:

Pretty Hot opens with a deliciously sweet, ‘pink’ type of smell that makes me think of candy apples. Still, it’s not a nauseating sweetness like Aquolina’s Pink Sugar, but more of a soft, delicate fruity smell that sparkles a bit thanks to the addition of citrusy notes like blood orange and mandarin. Once this starts to give way, it begins to smell like a stronger version of the original Pretty’s dry down. Eventually, when it moves into its own basenotes, you’re left with a warm, creamy mix of vanilla and yummy type of musk that reminds me (just a tad) of pink cachous.

I’m definitely enjoying wearing it. I like that despite being classified as a sexy scent, which is usually something you’d whip out a night, it’s actually light and fresh enough to wear in the day. In fact, I only wear it in the day. I also appreciate it’s subtlety. Most of my perfume’s are quite loud and need to be used with a light hand, (think Narciso Rodriguez and the aforementioned Tom Ford), so I’m enjoying being able to apply up to three spritzes with wild abandon.

In regards to the packaging, I think the red tinted bud vase-inspired bottle is super cute. When I hold it in my hand it makes me feel like I’m holding a juicy red apple that I instinctively want to take a bite out of.

Pretty... (hot!)
Cute looking cap...

In all, if you’re looking for a an easy to wear sweet, citrusy-floral to brighten up the tail end of summer, Pretty Hot is your baby. Next time you’re in store, give it a sniff, regardless of whether you liked Pretty or not. I wasn’t a big fan of Pretty, and yet I think Pretty Hot is lovely. When I spritz it on, I’m transported to a place where I feel like I should be sitting in a bright floral maxi dress in an open air bar, sipping a sparkling fruity cocktail with my girlfriends.

Definitely just the thing to brighten up a gloomy Monday, or any other day for that matter…

Love, love


x x x

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