Essie’s A-List nail polish

I love Dias Tavern in Caldedon road. It’s suuuuch a hole, but they do the best trinchado in Cape Town. (It comes with these huge, soft, white fluffy rolls that you can butter up and dip into the sauce, a bowl of vino and garlicky goodness!)

Anyhoo, I spent my Saturday avie there with the Feris sisters. Aside from Coke, we swilled cheap n’ semi-nasty champagne with our trinchado and calamari… ‘cos that’s just how we roll…

Alize was rocking the most gorgeous zexy red nails thanks to Essie’s A-List.


A shiny blue-toned scarlet, I reckon this is Essie’s best red. And if it’s good enough for Sandra Bullock, it’s good enough for moi.

To see a full list of starlets and their favourite Essie shades, click here.

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